Thursday, July 26, 2012

Firearms Frenzy of 2012

It's all over headlines this morning. The Drudge reports that firearms sales have, again, spiked. Speculations on why bring up multiple reasons. Those purchasing firearms in the recent frenzy will state any of these reasons for their decision to purchase now.

One of the largest reasons for the frenzy rests in the current UN conference regarding the ATT Small Arms Treaty I discussed in an earlier article. The conference ends on Friday July 27, 2012. Americans fear that Obama, Clinton, and their minions in the Senate will push for ratification of this intrusive treaty that will circumvent the constitutionally protected Second Amendment right to own and carry weapons.

Leading up to this treaty are several other events the left is attempting to use as excuses to infringe upon those rights. The most recent is the tragedy in Aurora Colorado when one unstable lunatic went on a shooting rampage during a showing of the most recent Dark Knight movie. That event spurs new gun sales from two directions. First, Americans understand the ban on Ex Post Facto laws, meaning that if made illegal, the government is not allowed to "grandfather" the law making those already legally owned illegal. So Americans are rushing to purchase weapons before they are made illegal. The second motivation generated by this event is people purchasing concealable firearms and registering for classes necessary to apply for concealed carry permits in those states that unconstitutionally infringe upon the right to carry by requiring a permit to do so. The reason is simple. Had somebody been legally carrying a concealed firearm in the theater that morning, they could have, possibly, shot the madman before he harmed that many people.

Another event, or series of events, revolves around the unethical (and illegal) Operation Fast and Furious conducted by the ATF, ICE, and the Department of Justice under the corrupt Eric Holder. When the operation went south and Border Patrol SRT agent Brian Terry was murdered by weapons supplied by this operation, anti-gun activists circled the wagons and decided to demagogue the crime facilitated by Eric Holder's people as reasons to ban firearms or, at least, make acquiring firearms a more difficult task.

Of course, people, such as Obama and Clinton, who wish to disarm law-abiding citizens, falsely use these events as excuses to push for ratification of the UN ATT & Small Arms Treaty, which is part of the Agenda 21 compilation of UN intrusions upon national sovereignty.

Other reasons for the frenzy include current speculation that a certain patent will be made available for public use. That patent involves what is called "micro-imprinting". A few years ago, rumors of micro-stamped or micro-imprinted ammunition caused a run on bullet sales. However, those stockpiling ammunition for this reason did not understand the technology. The rounds and their casings are not imprinted at the factories. The chambers and firing pins of the firearms are imprinted. Small identification codes are placed on the chambers and firing pins. When the weapons are fired, these imprints leave a unique identification code on the brass and the primer cap. When combined with the unique striations caused by the bullet traveling down the barrel can lead to quicker and more conclusive evidence tying a specific weapon to a specific crime. However, very few weapons current available for sale do not employ this technology. Should laws mandate its use on future sales, the weapons sold today are, again, protected from Ex Post Facto laws. Therein lies another reason for the frenzy -- to purchase weapons that are not micro-stamped.

Some politicians are attempting to block a reform bill that protects the rights of veterans. For a non-veteran, it currently takes a court order declaring the citizen unfit for the citizen to be reported to the FBI database that restricts firearms purchases. However, if a veteran has problems budgeting or paying bills on time, the VA can declare the veteran unable to handle his/her personal affairs. In attempts to "protect" the veteran from things such as bankruptcy or homelessness, the VA appoints somebody to manage the veteran's affairs. In doing so, the veteran automatically gets reported to the FBI's database, without a court order, and without any legal actions against them. So, without a hearing or trial, the veterans lose the very Second Amendment rights they swore to support and defend.  Some among Second Amendment supporters see the move to block the bill that requires a court order to strip veterans' rights as a form of US Constitution opponents telegraphing a desire to strip any American of the right without a court order or legal action.

Historically, the previous Democratic presidents since the 1970s have supported stricter gun laws. Second Amendment supporters look up and see an axe hanging over their head. The axe is supported by a thin hair. They are just waiting for that hair to give way and drop the axe on their gun rights. So far, Obama has not, yet, instituted any additional Second Amendment infringements. However, if re-elected, he will not have the necessity to appease potential voters stopping him from becoming far more extreme in his socialist agenda. That socialist agenda also includes convincing the average American to disarm, giving up the protection from a militia employed by a tyrant that the Second Amendment is designed to safeguard. Obama is already starting to demagogue for such legislation, executive orders, or fiat policy in the wake if the Aurora, Colorado incident.

Look at Nanny-Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. He wants Law Enforcement Officers around the country to go on strike until Americans are disarmed

One final reason for the current firearm purchasing frenzy is simple. People see taxes are going to rise if more tax and spend politicians are elected. If firearms are allowed to be considered luxuries and vices as opposed to necessities for self defense, then excise taxes on firearms and ammunition are bound to rise. They are bound to be added to help pay for the execution of the PPACA, among other government programs that overstep constitutionally allowed federal authority.

However, those of you jumping into the frenzy, let me give you a few words of advice. First, the frenzy may cause a supply shortage and drive up prices due to the laws of supply and demand. Waiting a few months may actually allow the prices to stabilize back to normal.

Second, there are many instances where a firearm won't protect you. Anybody with a yellow belt or better in one of the more common martial arts knows that within 10 feet (3 yards or so), a firearm can be avoided. At that range, you are better off knowing hand to hand defense techniques than trying to pull your Glock. In fact, pulling one within that range stands a 60% chance of being used against you by your assailant.

Third, take a class or two. Taking hand to hand techniques will add to your self-defense toolbox. However, there are other necessary classes. Most concealed carry classes teach you federal and state laws on escalation of force and self-defense laws. Not knowing these laws is not an excuse if you violate them. Other classes you may want to take are on negotiation techniques, crisis management, anger management, conflict resolution, and similar. Simply put, working out a solution where nobody gets killed is far better than one where such is necessary. The classes won't guarantee such instances don't occur. However, they do give you tools that may help to keep situations from escalating to that point.

Since the possibility will still exist, take classes in marksmanship, shoot/don't shoot training, and quick draw techniques. If you must shoot, it is best to shoot 2-3 well-aimed shots that hit your target than 6-7 in your target's general direction that result in a single hit. In addition, those 6-7 quasi-aimed shots stand a chance of hitting an innocent bystander, even if they do penetrate the target first. Practice these. Safe and effective practice equipment such as the ASP 07302 Red Training Gun Glock 9mm/40 are great.

My final piece of advice is the simplest. Be a law-abiding and polite American. Enjoy the freedoms of our country. Do not let those who detest the US Constitution take away the protections it provides or the limitations upon federal government it intends/dictates.