Monday, July 30, 2012

Teachers Union Will Sue If They Can't Have Your Kids

Is This Symbolic of What Teachers' Unions Want To Do To Keep Control of Your Kids & Your Tax Dollars?

After the not-so-heartwarming speech given by a Louisiana state legislator a few months ago, I made a statement about not seeing a desire to visit New Orleans or the rest of the state any time soon. My statements was a commentary about the attitude towards military veterans that some politicians in Louisiana openly expressed. Now emerges yet another reason to strike the state from my list of possible future residences.

The left loves its indoctrination programs. Many of their comprachicos that have infiltrated the government school system count on their positions to misinform your children. Then then demagogue any action taken by their unions as "for the kids". In reality, those union demands rarely have anything to do with bettering the education of children or improving educational resources. They are meant to line the pockets of the union officials with a few extra pennies and benefits kicked over to teachers' union members while fleecing the tax-payers under lies of "it's for the kids". If you want a comparison, look at the average annual income of a pediatric nurse ($63,750) versus that of tenured comprachicos in cities such as Chicago ($75800). The $12,050 a year difference (~$1,000 a month) in the average should startle you, especially given that teachers require less of an education and work fewer hours.

When states such as Indiana and Arizona passed education reform bills, citizens should have expected backlash from the socialists. Why? Well, those reforms, though they do redistribute wealth, don't do so in a manner that benefits the socialists' agendas. It does so to actually benefit the students. Indiana and Arizona both have voucher programs in place that do actually help the students. If the students live in a school zone that does not "make the grade", then the parents can exercise school choice. In doing so, they get a rebate of the amount of tax revenue earmarked for a student that is then transferred to whatever school the student ends up attending, even if it is a private school.

Bobby Jindal took a hard stance on instilling similar reforms in Louisiana. Like in Arizona, if the government school the student is zoned to attend does not meet the state's standards, the child gets a voucher equal to his or her allotted tax revenue to defray the costs of a private, charter, or parochial school.

The comprachicos unions don't like this idea. They want to control the kids and what they are told in schools. They do not want kids to actually learn the facts, learn how to compete, and learn how to prosper. So, what is their response? They intend to sue any non-government school (non-public school) that receives funds from these vouchers. Yes, that is correct. They don't want those tax funds to go to the kids. they never did. They want those funds in their own pockets. Threatening to file these suits reduces down (using Occam's Razor) to simple acts of intimidation and extortion.

Another of the reasons behind the suits is that teachers (and the unions parasites that feed off of their work) fear the new "Value Added" evaluation system the state is set to employ. They fear that they will fall short, and the truth behind their efforts to indoctrinate instead of educate will be exposed. If they fall short, the legislation for the voucher programs then takes funding from their pockets and uses it towards actually educating kids. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers' (LFT) website is covered with propaganda that cannot stand up to actual empirical data analysis.

The new evaluation program revokes tenure for any teacher who falls into the bottom 10% of the evaluation. What does this mean for unions? Well, it means fewer qualifying members. With fewer qualifying members, they have fewer people paying dues. Fewer dues means less profit for the union administrators and their lawyers. Similar litigation has been filed in Arizona since the Brewer Administration decided to enforce federal laws and regulations that mandate that Arizona public school teachers pass English language comprehension and competency exams set at a SIXTH grade level. So, it again becomes obvious that teachers' unions care little for the students/kids. If they did, they would support such evaluation programs and standards requirements. No, they oppose those. So, they want low quality educators and comprachicos wasting your tax money and your kids' time in the classroom. Why? Again, the reason goes back to fleecing tax-payers for more cash to line union administrators' pockets. 

Then again, if the unions actually wanted more funding for education, they would oppose the practice of issuing lists of school supplies that are three to four times what your child will actually use. They do so with the intent of redistributing the supplies you bought to cover those parents who didn't buy supplies for their kids. If they actually wanted tax funds to go to improving education, then they would use the funds to provide supplies for all students and not ask any parent to buy any supplies. The additional supplies are "donated" (by force) so the unions can keep your tax money for themselves instead of using them as intended. No, they don't want those funds going to educational supplies. They want them for their pockets. They want parents to not only pay property and sales taxes to support education. They want parents to buy supplies for their kids as well as two to three others in addition to paying those taxes. When you see your child needs 5 boxes of Crayola Crayons, 64-Count, Standard Size, buy 2. When they ask for 4 packs of Woodcase #2 Pencils, 72/pk buy 2. Keep one at home for when your kid runs out.

Imagine if you were a parent in Baton Rouge. Now imagine that you dislike the public school system there. Say you and your spouse both have graduate degrees. Let us say that the closest parochial schools are religious in nature but not the same religious sect as you. So, you decide to home school. Well, the next logical step with the comprachicos' unions would be to sue parents who take the tax rebates and have the audacity to actually spend them on educational materials for their own kids! Expect it. The LFT doesn't want parents to have liberty or choice. They want to rule over your kids. They think parents are ignorant and incompetent. the unions oppose competition and capitalism. They want to take your money while providing nothing. They also want the chicks (kids' minds and free wills) for free.

Like the legislator in Louisiana did a few months ago in openly displaying how the left despises those who served and fought to support and defend the US Constitution (which they loathe); the so-called "educators" in Louisiana deftly tipped their hands to reveal their true nature when it comes to education. It is more than obvious, the last thing teachers' unions give a sniff about is your kids.