Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arizona Enforcing Laws Obama Disregards/Defers

Miller Canyon, 15 miles north of AZ-Mex border. Photo Copyright P-G Matuszak 2012
Arizona is one of four states that directly border Mexico. The mountainous border area in Arizona makes border enforcement difficult and nearly impossible in some regions of the state. The topography of the Arizona border area and the numerous national forest regions stretching throughout the state enable illegal border activity.

Some facts concerning border crossings that many open-borders advocates don't want people to know include the other illegal activities involved with the crossings. Yes, there are those who cross the Arizona border just seeking better employment opportunities and income. Those activities alone include additional felonies. However, there are also the "hidden" activities.

Your "vanilla" illegal border jumper not only breaks US and International laws by crossing the border in an unauthorized manner. Once in the US, they also are involved in identity theft, fraud, and forgery. While they may not falsify documentation or steal identifying information themselves, they are an end-user. They are the demand curve. That documentation is then used to steal US taxpayer money through government handouts, medical costs, and government school enrollments.

However, many of those crossing the borders also bring other contraband. Many "earn" their crossing by paying "coyotes" in trade. The "trade" can be any of multiple activities. The majority carry illegal drugs across the border. Several are even extorted with threats to their families if they fail to do so. Some traffic unregistered and unmarked weapons. These are ones used by other criminals, usually sold on the black market. These are the guns that criminals will still have access to after the anti-second amendment tyrants strip US citizens of their right to bear arms.

A "rape tree" in Southern Arizona (Courtesy of
Then you have one of the most disturbing "trades" the illegals use to pay for their crossing:  slavery. Yes, slavery still exists. Some illegals end up in "sweat shops", working for less than minimum wage by "employers" who seek cheap labor while dodging taxes. Others end up as sex-slaves. Along the border, in Arizona, there are "rape trees" where young boys and girls are "broken in". Others are drugged. Others are extorted. However, they end up as prostitutes around the US. The scary fact is that the sex-slavery and human trafficking for that purpose is a two-way road. US Citizens are carted out of the US along these same ratlines, then shipped overseas to be sold into slavery. Some of the illegals brought into the US pay off their passage by aiding in the trafficking of Americans out for this very purpose. It's estimated that at least 30% of the missing US children (many listed as runaways), mostly those 12-16, are victims of this illicit activity. 80% of the victims in the US are female. 50% are pre-teens. The FBI averages 23 arrests of sex-slavers and international human traffickers (for purposes of slavery) a year.

On August 15, 2012, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies conducted their 64th major raid since 2008. the raid included arresting four suspected professional identity thieves directly connected to illegal immigration and human trafficking. The business, Sonoran Doors, located at 21002 N. 19th Ave, Suite 130 in Phoenix, AZ employed several suspected illegal immigrants. A search and audit of their employee records determined many of them were employed on forged documentation and stolen identification information that the four identity thieves assisted the illegal employees in attaining, including helping forge documentation. In Arizona, 80% of illegal immigrants detained have been found involved in identity theft, a felony.

Given the connections between illegal immigration and identity theft, Sheriff Joe cautions that Obama's recent announcement to "defer action" on "child and young" illegals is nothing less than an invitation for increased identity theft. Many of these kids will require stolen identity information and forged documentation such as Social Security cards and Drivers' Licenses in order to attend schools and work in sweat shops (including food service businesses such as smaller fast food franchises). It appears that Obama is not only soft on illegal immigration, but willfully complacent (if not indirectly complicit) in identity theft.

After Obama's announcement that the Federal Executive Branch, responsible for implementation and enforcement of laws passed by Congress, will "defer and delay actions against minors crossing the border", Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed her own executive order. Arizona will not play along with the irresponsible complacency. In fact, Governor Brewer ordered increased enforcement of identity theft and other activities directly linked to illegal immigration. Furthermore, this recent EO reaffirms that illegals will not receive any "public benefits". That includes drivers licenses, food stamps, housing assistance, education benefits, or any other form of benefit. The EO could lead to self-deportation. The only detractor is that illegals can just leave the state of Arizona for a state that is softer on illegal aliens, such as California, Oregon, or Illinois.