Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gauntlet Thown Down -- MMfA Claims SEALs 'Gutless'

Billboard on I-35 in Texas Courtesy of San Antonio TEA Party

Some US Navy SEALs and former members of NSWTU-6 ("SEAL Team 6") have recently come forward with some criticisms over the Obama Administration's handling of several operations, especially the mission to capture/kill Usama bin Laden. The current administration, in their view, was a little too open with the so-called news media concerning the Team as well as other Special Forces Operational Units and their tactics. Some former operators have created a group called "OPSEC", after the US Department of Defense acronym for Operational Security.

For those of us who have served in the military and conducted real-world operations in hostile areas, OPSEC is not a new concept. We know how vital it is to mission success as well as the protection of our forces in harm's way. During World War II, even every day civilians were cautioned that "Loose Lips Sink Ships", cautioning that enemy spies could be anywhere, listening to gossip from the front lines.

When it comes to our more clandestine forces such as NSWTU-6 and 1st SFOD-D ("Delta Force"), OPSEC is even more important. Even the smallest details can lead to information our nation's enemies can piece together to determine the names and locations of family members of those special commandos. Should that happen, our nation loses their capabilities and become largely ineffective until better protective measures can be enacted.

When these heroes spoke out over their concerns, Media Matters For America "Senior Fellow" responded, on Twitter, by calling them "gutless". Yes, he called American Special Commandos "gutless".

Members of OPSEC have responded to the "Senior Fellow"'s statement.

I also responded.

I issued two challenges to that individual.

The first was I challenged him to display his DD Form 214. That form is a record of military service, including all pertinent awards, units assigned, conflicts fought in, and military schooling completed. I am still waiting for a response. My best guess, based upon the data available at this time, is that Mr. Boehlert never served in the military. He must have less guts than those SEALs he called "gutless".

So, I made an easier challenge for the brave Mr. Boehlert. I am not a SEAL or a former SEAL. I am not a current of former operator from any of those units. I am a former Military Intelligence Geek. So, I should be a pushover for Eric. Thus, I challenged him to meet me on the mat. I will wear my gloves and foot-pads for his protection. I even gave him the choice between Gi or No-Gi.

My challenge is for just a friendly sparring match. I have no desire to harm him. For those not familiar with sparring in martial arts, partners have a high level of trust between them. To be willing to spar with an unknown partner requires a high level of courage and confidence in that person. It takes guts.

Just as with the DD214 challenge, I am still waiting for a response. So, now we know where those "gutless" fingers are really pointing.