Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Principles and Guts? Akin Stays In Race

It is now international news that US Senate candidate from Missouri believes that fallopian tubes tie themselves in cases of legitimate rape. If the trauma occurs before ovulation, the stress may, indeed, throw a woman's cycle off its normal rhythm. However, is not some mechanism a woman has to prevent pregnancy in the case of "legitimate rape".

Then there was Mr. Akin's qualifier "legitimate". It was a serious gaffe demonstrating a belief in "illegitimate rape". If such exists, I'd like to know what one is. If an "illegitimate" rape is one where a lady says yes at night, wakes up with "coyote ugly" and changed her mind after the fact, I could accept that term. However, that is not a rape by any definition of the term. It is regret. Rape is rape.

The debate over abortion in cases of rape and incest will continue for decades, if not centuries. There are plenty of valid points on both sides.

Through that misunderstanding of basic biology, Akin stood upon his principles. He continues to do so. Americans love underdogs who pull through, despite overwhelming odds. Akin has made himself just such a candidate with his remarks. His tenacity is admirable. What conservatives need in office is more than just somebody who stands upon principles. We need somebody who stands on principles and can accurately articulate those principles. We need somebody who will prioritize what this country needs most instead of trying to legislate morality, an endeavor that fails 999 times out of 1000 and tends to alienate independent and moderate voters.

Akin further demonstrates his fortitude. Many conservative and libertarian pundits have stated Akin should drop out of the race. Even Gov. Mitt Romney asked him to drop out of the race. The deadline came and went and Akin is still in the race. Now the Republican National Committee has cut-off funding to Akin's campaign. If Akin wants to continue his fight, he will be doing so through the fundraising efforts of his own local campaign. If he is able to raise the funds to win a national level campaign, as Senate races tend to become, it will be a remarkable feat. The odds and common sense are against Akin at this time.

Akin may not be the ideal conservative, constitution-loving candidate, but he has guts. He is not afraid to stand on his principles. He may do so to the detriment of the rest of the conservative candidates around the country. This may not be the wisest or smartest decision he's ever made. However, it is a "gutsy call", at least more "gutsy" than Obama giving the go-ahead to the SEALs.  It is about as selfish as Obama was in claiming all the accolades, though. If Akin stood on all of his conservative principles, he'd do what is necessary in order to assure socialists, progressives, and liberals lose their respective races. His fortitude may be admirable, but he lacks the wisdom this country needs in our legislative branch.

I'm just glad he's not a candidate in my state of residence.