Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comparing 'First Lady' Speeches

After viewing Michelle Obama's sales pitch for her failure of a husband, I reviewed the speeches of the wives of both presidential candidates.

Both spouses hold their candidate husbands in high regard, at least while speaking in the public spotlight.

Both candidates and their spouses appear to be (and probably are) great parents. 

Both claim their husbands have lived the "American Dream".

However, Ann Romney revealed more about her husband, his beginnings, and his character as a husband and father than Michelle Obama presented in her speech. Ann expanded what we know about Mitt, bragging about things that Mitt himself has too much class and manners to proclaim himself. Ann discussed the humble beginnings to their marriage, living in a basement apartment with Ann working while Mitt went to college. She talked about using their ironing board as a dining room table.

Mitt's father came to the US to build a better life. He instilled Mitt with a work ethic and set an example as what success and merit can earn. Obama's mother fled the US to Indonesia, to run away from the "American Dream". 

What we know about Barack still remains largely from his own writings, primarily in his boastful book "Dreams From My Father". To know that candidate, we need to watch documentaries such as 2016 and read books such as those he allegedly penned and others such as The Amateur.

Mitt lived the American Dream. He built his life, worked hard, and achieved much.

Barack was coddled and nurtured by extreme socialists such as Frank Marshall Davis and the terrorist Bill Ayers. Barack was not raised. for the most part, in the US. He was not raised to embrace the individual liberties and to take advantage of opportunities in the US to work hard and create something with his own hands. His own catch-phrase "You Didn't Build That" demonstrates his lack of perception. It is because he has never built anything himself and cannot comprehend what that means.

Michelle made the statement "Success doesn't count unless you earned it fair and square". The problem with that statement is that it doesn't describe her husband. It describes Newt Gingrich. It describes Marco Rubio. It describes Ted Cruz. It describes Herman Cain. It describes Willard "Mitt" Romney. It absolutely does not represent Barack Obama

Voters need to watch both speeches back to back and make up their own minds.