Thursday, September 20, 2012

Disgusting! Obama Defaces US Flag! AGAIN!

Above, straight from his campaign's store, is Obama's latest bit of anti-American propaganda. It is a disgusting misrepresentation of our great republic's symbol of liberty and justice. Of course, that means he cares little for either.

The stripes look similar to those left in the wake of the terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Libya, during which our Ambassador was raped and murdered. Instead of the union, that field of blue with a star for each beautiful state, Obama has placed his personal symbol, indicating he believes himself more important than any and all of the states.

It also isn't his first vandalism of our great Star Spangled Banner.

This is a strong indicator of several scary personality traits. First, this is on par with Saddam Hussein placing statues and paintings of himself throughout all of Iraq to remind the people to whom they owed the very air they breathed -- not "allah" but Saddam. In its most primal essence, it telegraphs intentions to be a tyrant.

Add to the above the obvious that Barry Obama is evidently a narcissist. He wants to stop America from being colonial and "imperial". Instead, he wants it to be he, alone, who rules the world. To do so, he must first weaken the strongest nations on the planet: the US, Israel, Russia, the UK, and China. (Tie China's economy to the US's economy -- then collapse both).

Take those in aggregate with everything Obama has done since he returned from Indonesia, and his megalomania is apparent to even one with a cursory interest in abnormal psychology.

His ego needs to go down several notches. He needs to be taught a lesson. The best way for him to receive that lesson is for him to be rejected and voted out of our White House. Put him in the unemployment line. It would be wonderful to see him actually work for a living instead of living off of the efforts of others.