Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fidelity Crosses Into Dishonor

A group of former US Soldiers from Fort Stewart, GA were arrested. Current evidence indicates they allegedly conducted illegal activities such as murder, home invasions and burglaries. The suspected intentions behind those crimes were to finance stockpiling weapons and equipment to support a plot to overthrow the US Government.

The group called itself Forever Enduring Always Ready (FEAR), naming itself in a manner that leaves little doubt they sought to employ terror as a weapon. They are an aspiring domestic terrorist group and a domestic enemy of the US Constitution. Their murders include killing a former Soldier who left the military in order to help the group to acquire weapons. They also killed his wife. Members of the group allegedly also participated in tampering with evidence and attempting to hinder investigations.

The group is listed as an "anarchist group". Anyone who understands the political spectrum, anarchism is extreme right-wing in nature, going beyond the rule of law and calling for a complete absence of all government. Historically it quickly leads to a swift spiral into the polar opposite side of the spectrum --  a tyrannic oligarchy from the extreme left.

Those who have studied history understand this trend. They also know that the extreme left manipulates these "useful idiots" (as Vladamir Lenin called them) in order to instill their tyrannies. The oligarchy in the USSR used Tolstoy's followers to overthrow the Czar (who was another tyrant). The theocratic tyrannic oligarchy in Iran used them to put its current government in power, then killed or imprisoned those on the right who supported their overthrow of the Shah. Mao used them in China. Minh used them in Vietnam. Saddam used them in Iraq, then tortured, imprisoned, or executed them. They become violent political tools of self-destruction.

Alinsky alluded to employing "useful idiots" in his books, including Rules for Radicals. Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground employed "anarchist tactics" in a failed attempt to overthrow our republic an replace it with a socialist oligarchy. His actions inspired other left-wing extremists to violence such as the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberline. William Powell published The Anarchist Cookbook to assist in this type of activity and to incite useful idiots into action, giving them the tools to do so. Abbie Hoffman published his book, Steal This Book, as another "how to" book for rallying the legions of "useful idiots" to the leftist oligarch banner.

The Declaration of Independence discusses a necessity for free men to cast off chains imposed by a government that has overstepped its bounds and become a tyranny instead of its proper role as a necessity of civilized society. To do so, when all other means have been exhausted and only as a last resort is historically considered patriotic. However, that is only as that last resort and only after all other means have been exhausted and failed.

Our Constitution is still working, though some misinterpretations have allowed some politicians and administrations to violate several key tenets and clauses of that supreme law of our land. One such example is Obamacare. The Supreme Court has ruled that the bill barely fits the Constitution only as a form of tax bill. If politicians continue to insist that it is not a tax bill, then the law no longer has any Constitutional validity.

As I retired career Soldier, I know the oath of service. I live that oath, even now that I am no longer an active military leader. We took an oath that is first to the US Constitution. Within the bounds of the Constitution, we also take an oath to obey any orders of our top executive and his appointed officers as long as those orders are constitutional. Even if we do not agree with the politicians, we are honor bound to do our duty as long as our orders are not intended to violate that supreme law of the land.

So, I find it appalling these individuals would seek to overthrow the government, especially in an election year. For well over 200 years we have conducted changes of government leadership time and time again without bloodshed or violence. The very few violent attempts such as the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy still resulted in continuity of a working government. It is a feat that is remarkable even in the modern world. It is a sign that our system not only works, but is the best system in the world. 

I do not like most of what Obama has done during his tenure. I find his ideology contrary to the US Constitution and the intended republican system of government envisioned by those who wrote and ratified the US Constitution. However, he was elected in accordance with that supreme law of the land. He is the legal and duly elected top executive. Plotting a violent overthrow of him, the legislature, or the appointed courts is a violation of that oath of service be it the "Oath of Enlistment", the "NCO Creed", or the "Oath of Commission". It is nothing less than reprehensible. Their votes would have served better than the bullets they intended to use in their coup. Sedition is a violation of the UCMJ. So is mutiny. Both, in my view, are just versions of treason.

To take an oath to support and defend the US Constitution means to support the republic's electoral process for all elected offices. To plot to overthrow such is to break that sacred oath to the US Constitution. It crosses that line from ultimate fidelity and into ultimate, disgraceful dishonor.