Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heads of State, The UN, and the Mess in the Mid-East

Today, Obama is set to address the UN General Assembly as the General Debate opens.

Among the main topics are terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and unrest in the Middle East.

A couple of years ago, another head of state addressed the general assembly concerning unrest and events in the Middle East. That man, Qaddafi, is now dead. His assassination was the result of the so-called "Arab Spring" that has led to much of the current rash of unrest in the region.

With the uprisings of alleged freedom-seekers came its left-wing shadow government, the Muslim Brotherhood, who is suspected of enabling various terrorist groups around the globe, including Al Q'aeda.

Today, Obama will point fingers at American film-makers for irritating the sensitivities of people in those countries. Those people rioted and enabled an alleged terrorist group to rape and murder a US Ambassador. Obama will most likely apologize and blame the citizens of his own country.

Obama has already hinted that he plans to warn the UN against placing more sanctions on Iran's nuclear proliferation and development program. In his typical ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth, Obama does plan to make a statement to the effect that Iran should not be allowed to make nuclear weapons. Think about that. he plans to advise against keeping religious extremists and a tyrannical theocratic oligarchy from having nuclear weapons capabilities. If you couple that along with Obama's plans to reduce the US nuclear arsenal, it spells out a clear path to make the US weak and to enable our enemies to defeat us.

Of course, this is in response to the plight of the poor, peaceful people in this violent region of the world. It is to assist the uprisings and new governments in places like Syria that respect human life so much that they abduct, torture, and abuse children.

Meanwhile, Queen Elisabeth of the United Kingdom is quoted as having chimed in about an alleged Islamic Extremist and terror advocate, Abu Hamza (Arabic for "Daddy of the Bomb"), who gives firebrand sermons at the Finsbury Park Mosque in London. Officials in the US are seeking extradition of Abu Hamza on allegations of terrorist support. The Queen asked how a man who claims to be a cleric can be permitted to incite violence and terrorism. She found it odd that he hadn't yet been arrested. It appears she supports extradition to the US. Normally, the Queen does not publicly remark on such topics.

That begs the question of where Obama will stand. Will he push for the extradition that has been stuck in processing and awaiting approval for over eight years, or will he simply let the issue die? Will he stand with our long-time ally, the UK, or will he side with the child molesting forces in Syria? Will he stand by the American People or will he point fingers at Americans, again, and apologize to our enemies?

This General Debate is heating up to be one that would rival the "Who Shot JR?" episode of Dallas. I just hope the heads of state that are worth listening to remember that the US and UK do not bend their knees to the UN.