Thursday, September 13, 2012

Middle East Anti-US Uproar Continues

Since Tuesday, September 11, 2012, US Embassies in the Middle East have become sites for mass anti-American protests. The protests are allegedly over a recently released movie that depicts the historically accurate fact the the religious leader Muhammad was a pedophile.

The violence started with riots and violence at the US Embassy in Egypt. They spread to the US Embassy in Libya where the Ambassador was raped and murdered, then dragged through the streets.

Now there are riots in Sana'a, Yemen where the US Flag has been torn down and burned. It has been replaced with a black flag containing the phrase "There is no god but allah", a flag often associated with Al Q'aeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the political arms of various other Islamic terrorist groups such as the "Islamic State of Iraq" which claims to run the true shadow government of Iraq (through night letters, extortion, murder, and terrorism).

Further riots and attacks are being reported in other Muslim countries to include Tunisia.

The initial reporting from investigations into the attacks in Egypt and Libya indicate the street protests are being used to obfuscate more violent and coordinated actions. These actions, such as the rape and assassination of the US Ambassador to Libya, are being conducted with well-rehearsed military precision. Some evidence suggests links to Al Q'aeda or its Wahabbist Extremist affiliates in those countries.

The movie was not some bit of hate-speech propaganda intended to incite violence against any religion or ethnic group. Yet, on the global scale, that is what it has turned into. Even here in the US, several pro-Islamic personalities have condemned the US government for not banning the movie. They site laws and US Supreme Court decisions that found inciting hate-speech to not be covered under the First Amendment. They claim that the same laws that prevent calling for brutalizing or murdering Jews, Blacks, Whites, Greens, Purples, Bunny-Worshipers, Atheists, etc. as affronts against Islam and indicative of favoritism towards Israel. The reason escapes all sensible logic since the movie does not call for violence against anybody. However, displaying anything historically accurate about Muhammad is a hate-crime in their eyes.

Since they consider "Issa" ("Jesus", Yeshua ben Yousef) as one of the great prophets before Muhammad, the last and greatest prophets; would they not also condemn any movie that depicts the true historical facts surrounding his torture, execution, and martyrdom? Should Christians start rioting when such historical facts are portrayed in a film?

Should Jews start to riot because documentaries are made displaying facts about the Holocaust?

Should the US start to storm the embassy of any country that depicts Benjamin Franklin as a bit of a libertine? He was. Nobody is perfect. Should we do the same is there is a movie depicting the horrors of the Trail of Tears? No. It happened. Should Mormons storm the embassy of some foreign nation because the movie depicting the historically factual massacre in Mountain Meadows, Utah on September 11, 1857? The fact remains that they don't. It happened. Those are historical facts. You either accept them or sit and stew in your ignorance. You do not incite riots and violence.

Former US Embassy in Tehran, Iran

The true irony here is that Obama claimed he had a special understanding that could help bring peace in the Middle East and strengthen US relations with those countries. In reality, he has allowed the US to seem weak. He has apologized for our defending ourselves. He has allowed those countries an upper hand and done nothing but make a more permissive environment for attacks against our country, our embassies, and our citizens abroad.

The past 72 hours have made Jimmy Carter's inability to handle the 1979-1981 Hostage Crisis and the "Desert One" debacle look almost like competent leadership. If Obama feels the need to apologize to anybody, it should be the citizens of the US.