Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More 9-11 Attacks 11 Years Later

Eleven years ago, Al Q'aeda conducted its third major attack on the US in five years. That one was on US Soil with targets of international significance selected. The previous two were against a Naval Vessel and two US Embassies.

Eleven years later, extremists and their useful idiots violently attacked the US Embassies in Egypt and Libya. In the attack in Libya, several people were murdered to include our ambassador. The attacks were allegedly because the prophet, Muhammad, was mocked in a movie that dared to reveal that Muhammad was a pedophile, a known historical fact.

On Patriot Day, Joey Biden calls a ceremony at the memorial "bittersweet", meaning "mostly pleasurable with a small twinge of sadness". So, our athlete's tongue suffering VP called the memorial service "mostly pleasurable". That is appalling.

Obama's first tweet of the day was a call for volunteers to assist in his campaign, begging for help with only 8 weeks or so remaining.

Romney's first tweet was in remembrance of the attacks 11 years ago as well as a call to honor and recognize all the emergency response, police, fire, and disaster relief professionals and volunteers across the nation.

Our military personnel are still in Afghanistan, hamstrung by overly restrictive Rules of Engagement (SROE) and a political quagmire that keeps them from doing their jobs and defeating the enemies of our great republic.

We still have troops in Iraq, however the more combat capable forces and their assets have been redeployed, leaving those still in the country vulnerable and dependent upon the less-than-capable, poorly equipped, still-in-training Iraqi police and military. Our forces should have remained until the country was fully stabilized and the government fully empowered. Iraq just had to sentence their own Vice President to death for running his own illegal death squads.

And we have our embassies attacked in Libya and Egypt. Our ambassador to Libya is violently murdered. All of this on Patriots' Day. Where was Obama? He was calling for campaign volunteers and funding instead of doing his job. In the process, Obama again snubbed one of our greatest allies, Israel, on September 11th, of all days.