Monday, September 10, 2012

More Indications Government Schools Don't Care About Kids

The Chicago Public Schools Teachers' Union announced they are going on strike. They refused a $400 Million Dollar increased pay and benefits package that includes 16% raises over the next 4 years. The average K-Senior government school teacher in Chicago makes $74K in pay an benefits a year, with many making over $100k a year in salary alone.

The strike is over increased pay and benefits. It is not for increased materials, better facilities, better books, or anything that will directly benefit any student. In reality, it is about increasing how much the unions can increase their dues at taxpayer expense. It is NOT about the kids.

If Mayor Rahm Emmanuel had half  the intestinal fortitude President Reagan displayed, he'd tell them to go back to work or pick up their pink slips. However, he is too busy training for his next triathalon or sticking his nose in Obama or Ayer's behind to do his job. Then again, he's a socialist and could care less about the taxpaying citizens of the city. He cares more about keeping those who are the public dole under his "benevolent" thumb.

Twenty years ago, teachers may have been an underpaid profession. However, you have areas such as San Antonio, TX where a graduate with a BA in education earns an average starting pay near $34k a year that is bolstered by an additional $17+k in benefits. That makes the average starting pay over $51k a year, to work approximately 9 months out of the year. The average pay and benefits package for San Antonio area government indoctrinators is also over $70k a year.

To contrast, your average pay for somebody with a more difficult degree to attain such as a BA or BS in psychology starts at an average pay and benefits package near $28k a year and usually requires a graduate degree plus licensing in order to compete for jobs in the $35k a year range. 

Over the past year or so I have covered stories around the country that illustrate a more bold, Marcuse-ian minded movement among so-called "public educators" and government school administrators.

We had a left-wing oligarch in a San Antonio area high school demonstrate his lack of knowledge about the political spectrum. He is an obviously poorly-educated American Government teacher who wanted to demonstrate the proper use of the First Amendment. In doing so, he incited hate-speech towards several TEA Party members at a meeting. He called them "Nazis", misinforming his students (National Socialism is a left-wing ideology) and setting a horrible example.

Next we had the deluge of school administrators start dictating what you can pack for your children's lunches. In North Carolina, among several other places across the country, school workers search lunches, confiscating ones they believe unfit and replacing them with ones that are actually less nutritious, and charging parents for the replacement lunches.

We have students being taught to sing and worship certain politicians currently in office as though they are gods or heroes.

We have administrators and comprachicos asking the children in their so-called schools to spy on their parents and report things their parents do, say, write, read, or watch. (I invite the comprachicos to read what I write so they know I am not fooled). They also indoctrinate the kids with their socialist spins on certain bills and proposed laws, attempting to have the kids help sway their parents' decisions.

You have government school districts across the country employing GPS tracking and RFID tracking on students as though the kids belong to the government. The primary purpose for the use of these chips is not for increased safety and security of the kids. It is for better accountability. That accountability is not to the parents, but to the State and Federal Departments of Indoctrination so they can further fleece taxpayer money.

In many schools, there is now a "no touching policy". While this seems a good idea propagated to reduce bullying and violence in schools, it is odd that they have students walk the halls with "hallway hands". "Hallway hands" means walking with the students' hands behind their backs, hands touching each other, palms toughing their lower lumbar spines. This is how most inmates walk through jails when not cuffed or wearing other restraints. So, they treat kids as though they are prisoners.

Also in San Antonio, the socialist Mayor Castro, who recently gave a keynote speech at the DNC in North Carolina, proposes increasing the city's sales taxes in order to hire preschool babysitters at an average pay and benefits package of $70k a year. This is to increase availability for a program that is already openly available in the public schools. It's an effort to increase enrollment by over 5,700 students, many whose parents do not want them enrolled or who do not qualify due to citizenship issues.

It isn't about education. It is about fleecing taxpayers for more money.

An increase in city sales tax or other means of revenue would be more than appropriate is the federal government stopped violating the US Constitution by getting involved with state and local education systems in the first place.

How long will citizens allow themselves to be held hostage by their employees? Yes, government school administrators, indoctrinators, and other workers are employed by taxpayers. They are public employees, meaning they work for us. They should not be making any demands of their employers unless they can first demonstrate they are performing their duties above our standards, and according to our guidance.

Parents and Taxpayers of the Nation Unite!