Monday, September 10, 2012

San Antonio Has Schools Track Students

In another effort to control and dictate how free people should live their lives, San Antonio is implementing an RFID program in San Antonio's Northside Independent School District.

The program will put GPS tracking microchips and RFID chips, similar to those people have implanted in their pets, into student identification cards for middle school and high school students in the district, as a test run. If the tyrants like the program, they will expand it to the whole district as well as other school districts in San Antonio and neighboring suburbs.

While school administrators and teachers are paid to be accountable for our children while attending the school, this is still a direct attack against parental rights and an invasion of privacy. the chips will not just track students' locations on school grounds. It is designed to track their movements to outside of the schools in events that children are truant or "ditch" classes.

It will also track students who have their IDs on them when they leave the school grounds, for any reason. So, if parents take their child from school for an afternoon, the school can track where the parents take their children. If parents decide to call a child in sick so they can see a visiting relative they have not seen in over a year, the school will track that activity.

RFID chips normally do not transmit GPS data unless outfitted with additional GPS traceable emitters. However, the technology is available for both chips to be embedded into student ID cards. Houston, Texas has employed the RFID chips in their student IDs since 2004. Schools in Austin, TX have is also employing the Student IS cards with both RFID and GPS tracking technology.

The primary purpose for the RFID cards, other than to control the movement of  your children, is to garner federal funds. The RFID chips can count the daily attendance at schools, and use the information to justify requests for greater federal and state funding that is based upon average daily attendance. Of course, this means they will be attempting to force more kids to actually attend the school, even if the parents have since chosen to home-school the kids. The program at NISD stands to garner a predicted $2Million in federal and state funds.

While the socialists tout this as a means to increase safety and security of the children, it is obvious that the intrusions and abuses this system can and will commit far outweigh the benefits.

Many students and some parents in the NISD oppose the implementation, which proposes incorporating the GPS tracking technology as well as standard RFID chips. One of the schools planning on implementing the program is named after one of the authors of the federalist papers and US Supreme Court Justice, John Jay. Given Jay's historical ideology, and his concerns over governmental intrusions into private lives, he is probably rolling in his grave, screaming over the fact this program is being employed at a school named after him.  The potential for infringement upon constitutional rights is so great that even the left-wing extremists from the "occupy movement" oppose the invasion.

It begs the question on how Democratic Party rising star Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, who gave a keynote speech at this year's DNC, will be received by his fellow socialists when they find out their party supports tracking all of their kids movements. Then again, these morons believe we are slaves that are owned by the government.

It is bad enough that children in San Antonio schools are not allowed to play tag at recess because, heaven forbid, they have to touch each other. This is just another Marcusian nanny-state intrusion. However, the comprachicos in the government indoctrination centers they attempt to pass off as schools already think they have more authority over our children than parents.

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