Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That 47 Percent Romney 'Gaffe'

The Obama campaign and their lap-dogs in the Mainstream Media leaked a video from one of Romney's fundraisers. In the video, during the fundraiser, Willard made a statements about 47 percent of Americans having the entitlement mentality and the victim mentality. He stated that 47 percent did not pay any federal income taxes. Romney's numbers are a little off.

The sad fact is that now over 49 percent do not pay any federal income taxes with many of those getting "tax rebates" on top of taxes not paid. In other words, they may have $2,000 withheld over the year, but get a "tax return" of $6,000 including an "earned income tax credit". In reality, that is a government handout, a subsidy, a theft of other people's money. The sad fact is there has been a drastic increase of people on food subsidies (food stamps). The sad fact is that workforce participation is at the lowest it has been since Carter was in office. It is sad that unemployment has been above eight percent since Obama took office. It is sad that those who are long-term unemployed join the ranks of the "disabled" claiming "disabilities" such as depression, sucking up tax payer dollars for SSDI. SSDI payments for FY12 have already exhausted and exceeded the annual social security allotment, and there is still a month left in the Fiscal Year (FY).

Of course, Obama is trying to capitalize on this video. Romney is correct in saying that it "was not elegantly stated". No, it wasn't stated in a nice, clean, tear-wiping way. However, Romney was correct. There are people whose whole purpose in life is to live off the efforts of others, playing victim, and doing nothing. These are people who have been lied to and falsely believe they are born owed something other than oxygen in their lungs. Even that isn't free. You still have to take the effort to breathe. If they could get away with having somebody else breathe for them, they would.

These lazy, handout junkies and federal fund panhandlers most likely will not vote for those who stand by fiscal responsibility, accountability, budgeting, and constitutional obligations. The simple fact is they will vote for those who wish to keep them enslaved to the government teat. Attempting to garner their votes is pragmatically a waste of effort. They will vote for their nanny-state slave masters in the Democratic Party.

The votes Romney and Ryan need to garner are those who are footing the bills for these people. Those footing the bill, or aspiring to better their own lives through their own merits and efforts without taking those government handouts.