Monday, September 17, 2012

Unethical Comprachicos Continue Indoctrination

The influence of socialist unions and their communist cronies continues.

In the past eighteen months alone we have seen government school students directed, by their so-called teachers, to chant and worship Obama.

We have seen government school administrators claim that parents are, generally, incompetent and incapable of raising their children as well as the comprachicos.

We have had other government school administrators tell children that the healthy lunches packed by their parents are no-good and replace them with unhealthy processed chicken nuggets and pink slime. Of course, this is done at the parents' expense, without their consent, and for the sole purpose of pushing government school-lunch programs.

We have had teachers at government schools berate students for asking questions about when their high school teachers start campaigning for their candidate in the classroom. One student even caught the exchange on video.

We have had government indoctrination employees task children to spy and report on their parents like Hitler and Stalin did with children under their reigns. 

We have had so-called teachers that are alleged experts in governmental systems completely botch the political spectrum, lie to his students, and hurl insults that incorrectly depicted National Socialism as a right-wing segment of the political spectrum.

We have seen schools decide they were going to track your children's activities through RFID and GPS chips in an effort to control their activities both during and outside of school hours. They think your children are their pet puppies and want to treat them accordingly. The purpose behind the tracking is to prove attendance so they can justify more tax money and federal grant money that comes from our, the taxpayers, wallets.

We have a mayor of a large city in Texas attempting to raise taxes in order to pay preschool babysitters $70k a year in an effort to force parents to place their children in these government programs against their wills.

Now, it should come as no surprise, we have a college professors using their teaching podiums to push their politics instead of teaching the subjects they are paid, by the students, to instruct.

The most recent example is a math professor at Brevard Community College in Florida. Sharon Sweet was passing out bookmarks. The bookmarks were campaign propaganda for Obama. In order to receive one, the student had to fill out a tear-away portion that contained a pledge to vote for Obama. The comprachico was allegedly also harassing her students to take the bookmarks and fill out the pledge, almost making it seem as though refusing to do so would affect their algebra grades.

While math and statistics have a role in politics and running the government, learning algebra has nothing to do with politics. Not only did this so-called professor use her position in a most egregious abuse of her perceived authority, she did so in a manner that most likely violates the school's harassment policy. Even if it does not violate that policy, it is still a case of aggravated unethical conduct. The only way she could balance her conduct would be for her to have Paul Ryan take over her class for a day. Her students may actually learn something should that happen.