Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Karadzic War Crimes Trial "I Bring Peace"

"I brought peace by ending suffering. I ended suffering by exterminating people."

 Along with the Genocidal Serbian Tyrant, Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic allegedly directed and participated in mass-murder incidents in Bosnia under the banner of "ethnic cleansing".

Slobodan Milosevic
Those old enough to recall the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s will recall the regular news reports on so-called "ethnic cleansing" committed by the ethnic Serbians under the political banner of the Communist Party. The attempted genocide has been compared to the holocaust under Hitler's National Socialist Party (also a left-wing political ideology). The Serbs didn't just murder Bosnians. They did similar to ethnic Croatians as well. In the late 1990s, once NATO established peace-keeping operations in Bosnia, the Serbians, under Karadzic and Milosevic, turned their violence towards attempting to annihilate the ethnic Kosovar-Albanians in the Kosovo Prolje (Valley of Ravens) region of Serbia. The Kosovars fought back, brutally, bringing the US and NATO into yet another peace-enforcement/peace-keeping effort that began with Task Force Hawk in Albania. (Of Note: I know the mission of Task Force Hawk well. I was there.)

Karadzic's trial defense against the genocide and atrocities allegations began recently. Rad has plead "not guilty" claiming innocence, attempting to convince the tribunal that he is a victim. He claims that the thousands of civilians he killed, and even more who saw their homes destroyed as they were evicted and displaced, were unfortunate collateral victims or were complicit in the rebellion fought by the Bosnian Army.

Of course the 10 counts of genocide were justifiable as self-defense in Karadzic's eyes. They were justifiable in Hitler's eyes as well. After all, the left is the victim. According to Karadzic, he brought and end to suffering, prevented atrocities by the Bosnian Army, and brought peace to the war-torn areas. His idea of peace is that of the left:  "Shut up, do what we say, take what we allow you to have, like it, or suffer the consequences".

Properly "Ethnically Cleansed"
This ravaged house now bears
The "Serbian Cross" To indicate
It is now "pure".
The truth is that Karadzic did attempt to bring about peace through tyranny. He does not deserve the accolades his defense is claiming. A peaceful person does not sit trial on 10 counts of genocide. A peaceful person does not order the slaughter of more than 7,000 men and boys of a certain ethnic heritage because they aren't Serbian. A man of peace doesn't roll tanks down a street and order families to leave their lawfully purchased homes, just because they are of a certain ethnic heritage. He doesn't then have the tanks fire their cannons and co-axial machine guns into the houses whether vacated or not. However, as a socialist, Karadzic does not believe in private property or the natural right of "the pursuit of happiness", which means the right to own, purchase, create, and dispose of property as one sees fit. he believes they are owned by the state, who allows those to live there at the party's privilege. In other words, all housing is HUD housing in a socialist's mind. So, they can evict you whenever they want.

Consider how Milosevic, Karadzic, and their cronies did what they did. They segregated the people in the largest and more homogenous urban areas according to some collectivist stereotype, be it race, hair color, eye color. In their case, it was ethnic heritage. In many cases, all it took was them to determine such based upon looks. Half-breeds were also persecuted as not being of pure enough blood (not falling neatly into their collectivist categories). It's how the left works. First they collect you into the special little groups. Then they get those groups to fight each other. Then they step in and bring "peace" by eliminating those groups that won't bend knee to their authority. It's how Hitler killed 11 Million People. It's how Karadzic killed 12,000 civilians in Sarajevo.

So, based  upon the ideology of the left, Karadzic is a gentle man who ended suffering, through genocide and  murder. This is the left's idea of peace.