Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Parental Guidance For The Admin

On April 9, 2012, I posted an overdue good, old-fashioned scolding for our current tenants residing in our White House. It obviously didn't take.

Our man-child amateur-in-chief has another lecture coming.

Barry, you didn't pay attention the last time. You need to go into a long time-out, starting on January 20, 2013. You need to have your toys taken away, to include your teleprompters, use of our helicopters, our SUVs, and our big airplane. You need to be separated from your friends in the West Wing until you acknowledge your poor behavior and correct it.

First, Barry, you have been lying to people. Stop lying. People are not better off than they were the day you took office. Unemployment remained above 8% for the majority of your term, only dropping because you set conditions such that people gave up even trying. Yet you have tried to tell people otherwise. It is your fault. Stop lying to people and telling them everything is fine.

Who do you think you are, Barry? You are not the ruler of the world. Your word is not law. That is the legislative branch's job, not yours. You do not have the constitutional authority to create laws with the whip of a digital pen. The regulations you have enacted and your refusal to allow US energy producers to use our land in order to produce fuels for our citizens is nothing short of despotism. How dare you?

Who do you think you are, Barry, lying and hiding the evidence that implicate Eric Holder in his incompetence and complicit participation in the murder of Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican nationals? How dare you? Take responsibility for your role and the role of your subordinates in Operation Fast and Furious. Admit your attempt to use that failed operation as an excuse to garner support to violate the Second Amendment.

Who do you think you are, Barry? You apologized to bullies. You bowed to the Saudi king. You bent to the will of the UN, attempting to make treaties that violate the rights of our citizens. Then you tried to hide it from the people. The LOST treaty, the small arms treaty, and the rest of the Agenda-21 treaties are violations of all this country holds most dear. You should have flat-out rejected them. Instead, you supported them. How Dare You!

 You giggled with glee singing "I got a secret", then compromised some of our most guarded secrets. You wasted our assets and broke our promises to many of them, including one who is currently jailed in Pakistan for his role in assisting the SEALs in ridding the world of our country's number one most wanted criminal. Then you go on to take credit for the work of others. That work started years before you even received your party's nomination to the office you currently hold. You refused to act several times prior, against the advice of those who do know better. You did so until you had a plan to remain blameless should something go wrong. That is not "presidential". Since the operation was successful, you've attempted to make yourself appear personally responsible for something you didn't even do. Were you there? Did you run the intelligence operations? No. In fact, rumors state that you regularly ignore those whose job it is to give you daily intelligence briefs. How dare you threaten the national security of the nation just so you can claim false glory? Who do you think you are?

Then we have the terrorist attack in Libya. Who do you think you are, Barry? Huh? How dare you attempt to blame it on a video? How dare you apologize for that video? Do you believe you have the right to speak for the maker of that video? Who do you think you are? You do not speak for me. I have my own voice. I am sure the creator of that video has his own as well. How dare you deny it was a terrorist act until the evidence that proved it thus was too well publicized for your denials to continue? Why didn't you act like a man and own up to it, and act presidential, from moment one?

How dare you tell rescue efforts to "stand down"? How dare you attempt to defame the brave SEALs who still made the attempt? Who do you think you are?

I know who you are, Barry. You are a spoiled brat who cries "it's not fair" when you are told you have to actually work for something. You are a spoiled brat who cries "it's not fair" when confronted to take responsibility for your own actions. Yes, Ann Romney had it 100% correct. You act more like an irresponsible child playing dress-up than you act like the President of the United States.

You lied. You covered-up. You pointed fingers of blame at a video creator and your secretary of state. You refused to act. You tried to keep adults from doing what needed to be done. As a result, an ambassador is dead, along with four others. How dare you?

Then Hurricane Sandy moves in to strike most of our great republic's east coast. What is your reaction? You invite reporters into the situation room so they can take pictures of you posing to look "presidential". You should have actually been presidential the past four years. You couldn't have your golf game interrupted while our embassies in the Middle East were under siege. But you move your campaign into the situation room so you can appear to actually do your job for once. How dare you treat a national disaster as a campaign stunt?

You are a disgrace. You are dishonorable. If you were one of my Soldiers back during my days in uniform, you'd be facing severe UCMJ action for your incompetence and dereliction of duty.