Monday, October 29, 2012

Obama Politicizing Sandy To Appear "Presidential"

Left-wing pundits in the lap-dog lamestream media are spinning Obama's reaction to Hurricane Sandy.

The "super-storm" has been dubbed "Frankenstorm" due to its Samhain/Halloween timing and its combination of Hurricane Sandy with "nor'easters" originating in the North Atlantic as well as storm systems heading from the west. The "super-storm" may extend a more than 700 mile diameter and has already caused over 60 deaths in the Caribbean is expected to do the same as well as massive property damage along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Georgia.

Governors and Mayors have been issuing warnings as well as hopeful statements to citizens such as "Evacuate Now! If you don't, then do not bother to call police, fire, national guard, anybody for help. They won't come." 

Anti-soda-pop activist Mayor Bloomberg of New York City said "If you don't evacuate, you are not only endangering your life, you are also endangering the lives of the first responders who are going in to rescue you".

Obama cancelled his campaign trips. The alleged purpose is to manage the potential national disaster. However, we know Obama. He would cancel his trip only if his campaign advisers told him it was the best campaign move he could make. He is doing so in order to appear more "presidential".

If Obama had wanted to appear more "presidential", he's had four years to do so, including during his last presidential campaign. He failed to do so even then. He remained on the campaign trail and abandoned his job as a US Senator when the market crisis of late 2008 hit. John McCain left his campaign and returned to perform his duties as a seated US Senator. Obama, also a US Senator at the time, did not. He took flack for his decision during the early days of his administration.

This time around, he flocked back to Washington to meet with FEMA officials and get his bloated bureaucracy ready to react. Even PBS has published campaign pictures intended to make Obama appear "presidential". Of course, select lap-dog media reporters were invited into the situation room to capture pictures of Obama posing, in order to appear "presidential".

Obama did not act presidential in regards to most of his duties over the past almost four years. In regards to Operation Geronimo, he refused to allow action as many as three times, under advisement of Valerie Jarrett.

Obama mishandled the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, using it as an excuse to add restrictions on natural gas and petroleum harvesters, including those not doing so off-shore. That was one of the largest contributions to our current high fuel costs, which also cause higher consumer prices for everything from food to televisions.

Obama also handled strife and diplomatic conflict around the world, including the Middle East, by apologizing for everything the US has done in the past, and bowing. It isn't very presidential to have pictures of the leader of one sovereign nation bowing to the leader of another. In fact, it is usually a sign of surrender. Surrendering is not a way to appear presidential.

Obama used Operation Fast and Furious to demagogue the proposed UN treaty that is intended to remove our Second Amendment. The deaths of Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican nationals was used to promote an unconstitutional attempt to infringe upon our rights. To top it off, he abused his executive powers, claiming privilege in an effort to keep Eric Holder from facing the full weight of his crimes. That was far from presidential.

When our embassy in Benghazi was attacked, Obama scolded US citizens, telling us to be more tolerant of Islamic Extremists and terrorists. He pointed a finger at a citizen who produced a video, blaming him for the terrorist attack. He, yet again, apologized to threat organizations and nations, failing to appear presidential.

Now, more information concerning the terrorist attack the lead to the rape and murder of our Ambassador in Libya. Obama told military assets to "stand down" instead of acting, saving lives. Two SEALs refused order to stand down and attempted a rescue. They were killed in the process, reportedly eliminating as many as 30 attackers with their actions. Unlike Shugart and Gordon, who went in to attempt to rescue Michael Durant in Mogadishu, these two SEALs are being treated like thugs instead of the heroes they are.

Obama refused to issue the order to bump up the security of that embassy, despite intelligence reports and other indicators that screamed for the necessity to do so.

The complete failure of how he handled and reacted to the Libya attack was anything but presidential. It was the opposite of presidential. It was amateurish. The continuing attempts to cover the incident up by the mainstream media is nothing short of being accomplices in what, at the least, is criminal negligence.

That was the furthest thing from a presidential act.

If Obama, for once, actually does his job during a national crisis, it will be his first time since he took office, including his days as a US Senator. It is too little, too late. He should have been doing his job the whole time.

No, this isn't Obama putting his campaign on pause to handle a crisis. He is politicizing a natural disaster. This is just another campaign stunt. Obama hasn't stopped campaigning since he ran for office in the Illinois State Legislature. He hasn't left the campaign trail. he's moved it into the White House. That is not being very presidential, Mr. Obama.