Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh Yes He Did, And He Supports Obama

Mass-Market Media Mogul Ted Turner opened his big mouth and opined on a topic near and dear to most of my friends, my family, my associates, my nation, and myself.

He said that he was "thinks it is good US veterans are committing suicide".

Well isn't that a welcome bit of insight into the brain of a prominent leftist, especially one who so adamantly supports Barrack Obama's re-election and Obama's socialist policies that are destroying our country.

Like many on the left, Ted also failed history or he wants to rewrite it to reflect a false narrative devoid of the facts. Ted claimed that the military is an arcane concept that hasn't been necessary for over 100 years. He obviously cannot do the simple math that reveals World War I, World War II, the attempted genocide in Bosnia and Kosovo, the genocide and atrocities in Africa, the attempted genocide of Kurds in northern Iraq, and the war in Korea were all less than one hundred years ago. Then again, Ted is a socialist that probably wishes Hitler had gone unopposed and taken over the world in the 1940s. He probably thinks Stalin would have made a better US President than FDR. Those are the only explanations for his comments calling the military an outdated necessity and veteran suicide a "good thing".

Then again, Ted Turner married another maven of anti-American and anti-Veteran sentiment, the socialist diva Hanoi Jane. It figures that his views concerning the brave men and women who put their lives on the line so he is free to earn his billions and to open his yap would be in a manner to dishonor their sacrifice.

I am not sure of the latest statistics. However, a few months ago, the trend was that as many as 18 veterans of the Global War on Terror were committing suicide a day. That is 18 heroes choosing to end their lives each day. the average daily number of attempts is over 30. Those statistics are a national tragedy and a national emergency.

To see what can be done to help our veterans in crisis, please visit STOP 18

Turner and Fonda both opposed the Vietnam War so fully that they wished pain, misery, and torture upon those patriots who fought in the war. Now they wish the same upon the patriots who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. For people who allegedly love peace so much, it is nothing short of hypocrisy that they revel in the suffering and suicides of our nation's proud heroes.

That is the attitude of the left, out there on full display.