Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paul Ryan vs. Joey Biden -- Predictions

Tonight, October 11, 2012, the one and only Vice Presidential debate of the 2012 (follow the link for the live-stream of the debate at 9 Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific & AZ) election year is scheduled to occur. The results of this debate are more difficult to predict than the first Presidential debate.

Joey Biden is a more experienced orator. He has been in congress since 1973 (elected in 1972). In essence, he is an intrenched incumbent of sorts. The main job of the VP is to preside over the Senate in much the same mode as the Speaker of the House does in that chamber of congress, though the VP usually does not get a vote. For most of this administration, though, it seems that Harry Reid has, at least publicly, done more of the VP's job in presiding over votes and procedures.

In contrast, Ryan has been a US Congressman since 1999, only 13 years. Then again, 13 years makes Ryan by no mean a rookie.

Ryan also has had much experience in the national spotlight, having appeared on several political and news commentary programs in head to head debates with other devout socialists such as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Though prone to gaffes, Joey is not Ditzy-Debbie Hand-Puppet. He is more intelligent and a better public speaker. He tends to actually look at some facts, figures, math, polls, and studies. So, he won't be as easy to reduce to a gibbering mound of nappy locks as Wasserman-Schultz.

Joey has also made public statements about areas where he and Obama do not agree. As left-leaning as Joey can seem, he is much closer to being a "blue-dog" democrat than his running-mate. That will present a challenge to Ryan who is more acclimated to debating more die-hard Frankfort School progressives, such as Wasserman-Schultz and Sheila Jackson-Lee.

However, Joey does have a temper. He regularly must use Equipet Fungasol Ointment 16 Ounce by the case on his tongue to treat the raging athlete's foot fungal infection from sticking his foot there too often. These could work in Ryan's favor. In contrast, if Joey is on the ball with his quips, they could also prove to be knockout hay-makers and uppercuts.

If Ryan sticks to the facts and presses Joey Biden to provide empirical evidence and quote credible sources, it may push Joey to gaffe. Joey will try to sneak in "zingers" here and there to gain popular support regardless of the veracity of anything he says.

This one will come down to which one keeps his composure, avoids gaffes, and presents verifiable facts in a clear and concise manner.

Given their track records, the edge definitely goes to Paul Ryan. However, Biden is likely not to be a push-over.