Monday, October 1, 2012

Preparing For The First Presidential Debate of 2012

Once in a while people will play one of those "what if..." games. These are those games where a few people sit around and ponder some pseudo-philosophical question such as "What if you were world emperor  for the day?" or "What if you suddenly had $200,000,000,000.oo?". Today I will play my version of that game along slightly more serious lines that could have dire consequences for our country, and the world.

The first presidential debate is on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 6pm Pacific. I'm sure that Steve Green AKA "The Vodka Pundit" will "live-blog" the debate while slurping down on some nice cocktails. (By the end it will probably turn into shots of Everclear to numb the pain). The main topics are set to be economic and domestic policies. The debate, in Denver, will be televised. However, it is also scheduled to be simulcast on live-streaming.

If I were writing the questions, I would target certain subjects we all know the mainstream media "moderators" will probably attempt to avoid. Here are some of my key questions:

On the subject of the economy I would ask Obama to justify his failed economic policies as well as explain his understanding of both "Supply-side" and Keynesian economics. I would  have him explain the proper role of government in a constitutional republic with a structured capitalist economic structure. I would ask him to explain how giving people fish instead of teaching them to fish is going to improve our national economy. I would ask him how taxing those who produce into deciding to stop producing is supposed to benefit anybody. I would add the example of the 27 new Obamacare taxes. I would then address Romney about much of the same, instead asking him what he plans to do differently, and how his policies and plans would be better. I'd ask him to use actual business models, but explain it in layman's terms.

On domestic policy, they plan on centering around healthcare. Instead of beating the Obamacare horse into glue, I would shift gears slightly. I would then ask Obama about his various department heads and their failures, and how his second term would be different. I would ask him about the failed stimulus. I would ask him about the ridiculous and runaway EPA with their unconstitutional regulations. I would ask him about his AG and the DoJ, including Holder's criminal past and his involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. I would ask him about his State Department's attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment through international treaty. I would ask him about the Department of Education's overreach and violation of the 10th Amendment, as well as their and the USDA's interfering with parental rights in searching kids' lunches, also a violation of the 4th Amendment. To Romney, I would ask him what his planned bureaucratic structure will be. I will ask him what policies he will keep and what executive orders he will repeal. I would ask him how much power he will permit those departments of the executive branch to employ.

Since they will attempt to frame the debate around healthcare and the PPACA, I would put up that famous organizational flow-chart and ask Obama to explain it. Then I would ask him about the "death panels". To Romney, I would ask if he supports repealing the law, and , if so, what plan would he propose, support, or lobby congress to pass.

Now, taking the role of the participants, I will attempt to enumerate some of my talking points.

Obama's talking points are easy. They are pander, lie, sidestep, blame Bush, blame the conservative majority in the House for the Senate's inability to pass a budget (including Obama's own proposal), then pander and lie some more. His is a record of abject failure. His platform at this point can only be "I need more time, 4 years wasn't enough to complete my destruction of the USA". Other talking points he will use are to target Romney for the Massachusetts health care laws and target his time with Bain Capital where he worked with a venture capitalist company that saved what businesses could be saved. Obama will stay away from the tax issue since he knows Romney released his records, paid more taxes than Obama, did not claim deductions for all the charity he gave (unlike Obama who claimed every penny), and gave more in charity in one year than Obama has given in his life.

If I were Romney, I would use these debates to strike fast, hard, and surgically at all of Obama's administration's failings. As the chief executive, which the president is, Obama is responsible not only for his own actions, but those of all of those in the executive branch under him.

Under the subject of the economy, I would target the failed "investments" to all of these dysfunctional so-called "green energy" companies. Included in this, I would target the ecological impacts of those toxic batteries in hybrid cars and the Chevy Volt. I would take the time to illustrate the over 8% unemployment rate for the majority (so far, the entirety) of Obama's term. I would shame Obama with the truth about decreased workforce participation and paint a target on Obama for all of those cases of depression filed as SSDI claims because people couldn't find work under Obama's economic plans. I would illustrate what "right looks like" and contrast it against Obama's failed economics. I would blast Obama for the ridiculous government spending.

In the realm of domestic policy, if I were Romney, I would flat out state I wouldn't hire a criminal such as Eric Holder as the top prosecution attorney for the US. I would blatantly name Brian Terry and blame Obama's policies for his murder. When Obama says he was "kept in the dark", I would ask him how he can call himself a leader if he refuses to make his subordinates accountable and accept responsibility for their actions, as a true leader should. I would question Obama on what Valerie Jarrette's actual credentials are, and how how her alleged "expertise" applies to her position in the administration. I would zing Obama for his attempts to bankrupt farmers with regulations on "farm dust" and "bovine flatulence". Since they do tie together, I would hit Obama where it really hurts, demonstrating the waste of tax dollars his bloated bureaucratic structure has become, and show how it has hurt everybody at every income bracket. Then I would  hit Obama with his use of the false terms "middle class", since, legally and constitutionally, there are no classes in the US. Everybody can work hard and try to become a millionaire. It is up to the individual.

Since the PPACA falls within both economic and domestic policy, and the lap-dogs are going to attempt to allow Obama to champion it, I would use that to "stick the fork" into the well-done Obama talking points. That chart of the expanded bureaucracy would come out. I would explain how it is full of wasteful spending just in salaries and payments to federal workers' unions. I would talk about how it will actually reduce the quality of care for all but a small, select elite group. I would explain the costs to businesses and how it will actually cause many small corporations (LLCs) to shut down. I would explain how it will cause more unemployment in net numbers, despite the increased employment working as slaves to the government. I would read the parts of the law that direct the executive branch to establish bureaucratic "death panels".

Romney is a smart guy. I'm sure if I prepared and researched, I could toast Obama in a debate, then Romney should have no trouble at all. Of course, that means Mitt will have to pull off the kid gloves and get full-on, street-level MMA on Obama's rhetoric and false narratives. I would use Mental Aikido, turning Obama's own emotive verbiage against him and pin him, sweaty, broken and confused, with facts and the truth. I wouldn't go wrestling with a pig. I would fight like my life and the lives of the citizens of  this country depended upon it. I would do so because it does.