Saturday, October 27, 2012

Side By Side Comparison Romney v Obama

With the election less than 10 days away and early voting already underway, it is about time to do a side by side comparison of the two candidates so those still undecided can get a final look before they make their decisions.

So, here are where the candidates stand on the important issues facing the nation and the most likely issues they may face in the next four years. The coloring depends upon your political ideology. If you are pro-American and support the natural rights that the framers of the US Constitution held so dear that they are visible in every clause of that supreme law of the land, then you will find the green to be pros and the reds to be cons. If you think Marx, Mao, Moussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Jong-Il had the correct ideas (and you still think you can ride a rainbow on the back of a unicorn to a country called Utopia that is ruled by a benevolent dictator -- or you even believe in a benevolent dictator or oligarchy), it will be reversed.

Mitt Romney
Barack Obama
Executive Branch Experience
4 Years & 2 Days
3 Years, 10 Months,
Private Sector Business Experience
CEO of a Major Corporation
MBA from Harvard
Harvard Law School
Father was CEO of AMC.
Father was Gov. of MI
Father worked for civil rights
Father instilled a work ethic and ideals of personal accountability.
Mother was a devout socialist who hated the USA.
Father was mostly absent.
Father was not a US Citizen.
Father was a high-ranking socialist in Kenya.
Step-Father was not a US-Citizen.
Mother divorced Step-Father when he started to demonstrate he liked the US.
Grandparents were devout socialists who hated free-market capitalism and financial institutions.
Major mentors include the Communist Demagogue Frank Marshall Davis, Left-wing terrorist Bill Ayers, Racist Derrick Bell, and Racist Rev. Wright.

Economic Track Record
Saved Companies & Jobs
Promoted Expansion of Private Sector Businesses Through Lawful Financial Practices
Stagnated Federal Economy to over 8% unemployment for over 40 months.
Gave taxpayer dollars to numerous companies that went bankrupt as a result.
Lowest Workforce Participation Rate in Decades.
Highest Percentage of Population in Poverty since WWII.
Highest % of GDP spent on government programs since WWII.
Highest Contribution to National Debt of ANY president in history.
Health Care Reform
Executed Law In Massachusetts that reduced costs of healthcare in the state. The program still costs millions in man-hours to healthcare providers.
Mandated Nancy Pelosi to sponsor a 2,400+ page tax law that most who voted on never read.
Cut Medicare drastically.
Signed a law that puts medical decisions under the auspices of the IRS and a 15-member, non-medical panel.
PPACA is causing many employers to cut full-time positions in order to afford to pay employees.
Wants a program that puts your healthcare decisions under the authority of the government and not in the hands of the private citizens.
Plans To Enable American Prosperity
Romney’s 5-point plan to increase the economy and increase opportunities for growth of businesses, which will lead to increased employment opportunities.
Force  private businesses under the direction of the federal government.
Force private businesses to hire sub-standard workers so they will not prosper or meet full potential.
Tax those who are successful until being successful is no longer desired.
Take away the liberty of the citizens, making them dependent upon government programs to meet their basic needs instead of allowing them the freedom to pursue their own prosperity and happiness.
Destroy the private sector as we know it.
Plans for American Sovereignty
Increase Trade Agreements that will further enable private US companies and citizens to compete in the global market.
Diplomacy from a position of strength, both economic and military.
Take up a leadership role as an example for emulation.
Borrow money from our nation’s biggest competitor nations.
Apologize to threat nations, making the US appear weaker.
Shrink the military and cut constitutionally mandated defense spending until the US is no longer capable of defending itself or capable of providing humanitarian support to our allies.
Increase taxes in order to compel US-based companies to outsource production to other countries in order to make a marginal profit.
Support treaties with the UN that will relinquish our nation’s sovereignty with treaties such as LOST.
Support treaties with the UN that will strip away constitutionally guaranteed rights such as the Second and Fourth Amendments.
Education Policies
Supports the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.
Supports “School Choice”, which gives parents more options to increase opportunities for their children.
Wants the federal government to dictate education for all students.
 Wants to have federal government take over community colleges.
 Wants federal government to dictate the curricula for students, and take away students’ choice as well as parents’ choice.
“women’s rights”
Believes women, like men, are individuals.
All individuals, regardless of gender (race, religion, etc) should have the exact same opportunities to succeed.
Believes that outcome, success, prosperity is an individual issue, up to each person to succeed or fail on his or her own merits and effort.
Believes “equality of outcome” is evil and enables lazy to leech of the backs of those who achieve.
Is morally against abortion. Recognizes Roe v Wade.
Sees abortion as an elective procedure and personal responsibility, not the government’s role to force taxpayers to pay for them.
Wants women dependent upon the government to provide for them.
Wants women to see the federal government as their father-figure.
Wants to force men into slavery to pay for women’s elective surgeries (abortions).
Thinks a woman’s body belongs to the government who can decide what care to force upon it, what it will be allowed, and what it can be denied.
Pays female staff members significantly less than he does male staff members.
Wants women to equate voting for him as the same as losing their virginity to him.
Wants to force pro-life women to pay for abortions that other women are having.

Civil Rights
Like his father, believes that people are individuals and should have the liberty to fail, succeed, prosper on their own merits, due to their own toil, and to dispense the fruits of their labors as they see fit.
Wants special collectives to spur divisions over racial, gender, and sexual-orientation lines.
Believes for one of a race to succeed, his race must be dominant over all other races.
Supports national education standards that differ by race.
Promotes policies and rhetoric that makes certain demographics believe they are entitled to special treatment under the law.
Charitable Works
Donates millions to charity each year.
Does not claim all charitable donations for tax deductions.
Despite large charitable donations at high percentage of income, still paid over 14% in income taxes.
Pays capital gains taxes.
Gave very little, as a % of income, to charity.
Believes private charities are evil entities that are doing what the government should force citizens to do, through taxation, under government mandate.
Wants people to have an opportunity to succeed.
Wants to take away liberty.
Wants the government to have authority over your basic necessities.
Wants the government to have a say in how you earn/spend/save the rewards of your efforts.
Wants you enslaved to the government.
More people on government subsidies (housing, food-stamps, etc) now than ever before, making them indebted to the government and dependent upon government to make decisions for them.
Abhors personal accountability and responsibility.
The Pursuit of Happiness
Wants to lower tax rates, and increase the tax base in order to employ the Laffer Curve. This will generate greater federal revenue while reducing the per capita tax burden on individuals.
Believes in personal property.
Supports 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 10th  Amendments.
Believes that everything you own, and all the money you make belongs to the government, which just allows you to use it, at their discretion.
Supports UN treaty that will eliminate the 2nd Amendment.
Has no regard for 4th Amendment, directing invasive & unconstitutional searches (TSA, FDA, ATF, etc).
Has no regard for the 10th Amendment as proven by his suits against AZ, TX, FL, and NC.