Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Importance of United Nations Day

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October 24th is international United Nations Day. It is a day established to commemorate the forming of the United Nations in 1945. According to their own site, the UN was formed by force of charter on October 24, 1945 with October 24th set as the official international holiday in 1948. In 1971, the UN General Assembly decreed that all member nations must celebrate the day.

This year, Stevie Wonder will play a special concert just for the UN on its birthday. 

The current Secretary-General released this statement:

"We are living through a period of profound turmoil, transition and transformation. Insecurity, inequality and intolerance are spreading. Global and national institutions are being put to the test. With so much at stake, the United Nations must keep pace across the spectrum of its activities — peace, development, human rights, the rule of law, the empowerment of the world's women and youth." ~Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The statement rings of pleasant goals for such an international coalition of diplomats.

However, the UN oversteps its charter on a regular basis.

The UN was set up to be a consortium in 1945. It's main role was to prevent another World War. The intent was to garner better and more efficient representation than its failed predecessor, the League of Nations. Those who ratified the charter did not want to give the body the appearance of being a one-world government. Yet, that has always been its secret mission, as was the idea behind socialist-progressive Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations.

The UN, just like its failed predecessor, was the brain-baby of socialist-progressives who sought to slowly bring the world under one governing body led by a small, tyrannic oligarchy. Over the past 67 years, the group has sought to slowly take a gradually greater and greater role in dictating how sovereign nations run their countries.

Allegedly, the UN was never given actual legislative powers, judicial powers (Articles 92-96 of the charter show otherwise), or a real executive branch capable of enforcing any "laws" without full participation of stronger nations. The UN also, allegedly, must remain non-invasive and not interfere in domestic issues within any sovereign nation.

However, in recent years, they have attempted to circumvent the sovereignty of several nations, such as the UK, Russia, and the US. Their method is through international treaties established not nation to nation but nation to the UN. Among these attempts is the group of treaties known as "Agenda-21".

Within Agenda-21 there are several treaties that should never be ratified by the US. First and foremost among those are the treaties that limit firearm ownership, ammunition purchases, or call for registration of any of the above by an international body. Our US Constitution prohibits the government from infringing upon ownership of firearms and from infringing upon carrying those firearms. Our own country already violates the Second Amendment with an impunity that must be halted. However, the Constitution also states that treaties ratified by the US Senate also carry the force of legislated laws. Should those treaties be ratified, our Second Amendment rights will cease to exist. That is a threat to our national sovereignty that will leave our free, law-abiding individual citizens helpless to defend this great republic against tyranny, be it domestic or international.

Another treaty is the LOST treaty which limits our Naval forces, our international shipping vessels, and our international trade capabilities. A sovereign nation should not need permission from the UN to trade toasters for wool sweaters.

The UN wants peace only under the thumb of an oligarchy.

The UN wants to ban weapons from non-military, and wants to limit weapons employed by select militia. Eventually, they will seek to establish their own independent military force.

The UN states it seeks gender equality, yet their rhetoric is more against perceived glass-ceilings and promoting abortions in the US than they are opposed to sex-slavery, female circumcision, and stoning rape victims.

The UN seeks to tax sovereign nations in order to create international education standards, taking control over what your child is allowed to learn in school. They also seek to force children into schools even if the parents choose to home-school.

Though promoted as a diplomatic consortium designed to avoid future wars, particularly on the scales of WWI and WWII, their real goal is for the socialist/communist/progressive/Marxist/Maoist/despotic tyrannic world-domination.