Monday, October 8, 2012

US Rep. Paul Broun Is Protected by First Amendment

The US Representative from Georgia's 10th Congressional district, Dr. Paul Broun (yes, he's an M.D.), reportedly made some rather ignorant statements over the weekend.

Dr. Broun, who holds a medical degree, is on the House Science, Space, and Technology. Those facts are important as we examine his remarks this weekend concerning the world. He stated that he believes the Earth to be only 9,000 years old. He does not believe in evolution, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. He even states that the theory of evolution is born from the "pits of hell".

Well, Dr. Broun, evidence in evolution exists just in the past two hundred years. The average human lifespan has increased during that time. New species have emerged such as the Tigon, the Liger, Killer Bees, and the Savannah Cat. Paleontologists have discovered fossils that are older than 9,000 years. 100 years ago, nobody would have believed you could send mail "through the air" using a  Motorola XOOM with WiFi Android Tablet. Yet, we humans have evolved and adapted both our environments (to meet our needs) and ourselves.

He may not be willing to accept scientific data, despite coming from a profession that relies heavily on science. However, he is entitled to his beliefs. The First Amendment protects his right to have those religious beliefs and to practice them. Furthermore, the First Amendment protects his right to publicly voice those beliefs without legal repercussions; just as the global-warming alarmists have a right to voice their views as they worship Obama and Gore. The right doesn't make either any more correct, though.

Unlike leftists who won't openly denounce their own dunce-cap wearing members such as Joey Biden, Al Gore; I am more than willing to do so, respectfully, to those who call themselves conservatives whose light-bulbs flicker or remain dim (like those "green" bulbs).

I just hope that, as a US Congressman, Broun remembers that he also has a duty to represent all of his constituents. I hope he realizes that not all of those he represents do not believe as he does. In fact, I am willing to bet most of them do not share his beliefs though they do, most likely, share in the Christian faith. Where Broun will differentiate from the leftists is that Broun probably won't try to force his personal beliefs down people's throats through the force of law as the leftists have done. To prove such, he may want to step down from the House Committee on Science, though.

That is, of course, as long as his statements this weekend aren't used by adept socialist demagogues to convince people to vote him out of a job this November.

On Broun's positive side, he has openly questioned the latest BLS unemployment report. He is also an open opponent to the PPACA. He has stood for actual items that help veterans and against bills that guise themselves as "for veterans" yet are really for more government intervention into people's lives (and wallets). On many of the most important issues, he seems aligned with what is best for the US in accordance with the supreme law of our great republic, The US Constitution.