Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Electoral Results and Reflections

Congratulations to Those who won their respective elections.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both fought hard and well. Neither has anything to be ashamed of. The race was close. It was a good fight both to watch and to participate in.

The preliminary results are in. Though quite a bit of verification and the tossing out of fraudulent votes will probably take a couple of weeks, it probably will not alter the published results. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. has been re-elected.

His rhetoric is already one of seizing what people have rightfully earned.

Now it's time to watch our great republic die slowly of the socialist cancer.

However, we've faced this before and overcome it.

We survived FDR and Truman.

We survived Woodrow Wilson.

We survived Bill Clinton, though it was his own impeachment that allowed Newt Gingrich and Congress to mitigate the potential damage he could have done.

Can we survive this? What would our founders say if they saw what we've become?

I am sure they'd be screaming "NOOOOO! You have it wrong!!! What Constitution are you reading?"

Obama faces more challenges than he faced in 2009. The workforce participation is lower today than it has been since Carter's term. Unemployment is sickeningly high. The number of looters and moochers sucking the life's blood out of our economy and federal revenue is at a historic high. How is he going to motivate private citizens to get back to work and others to hire them without putting a gun to their heads? We shall see. His proposed plans have a history of failing repeatedly.

The make-up of Congress changes little. It comes as no surprise that Claire McCaskill beat Todd Akin after he gave himself a terminal case of athlete's tongue.

In Indiana's senate race, Richard Mourdock lost for very much the same reason.

To them I have one small thing to say:

You guys are complete idiots. Abortion was not an issue in the campaign, it was a distraction. It was a distraction that fear-mongering socialists sought to use to urge their useful idiots to muster around against you. The best answer is that Roe v Wade decided that for now. It is not an issue. Let's talk about what is really important -- getting the government out of the way of job creators and free citizens. Thanks for working for the evil side.

For a huge Senate win for the TEA party, Ted Cruz won the senate seat in Texas. Cruz had a tough battle from the beginning. He faced LtG. Dewhurst in a primary that Dewhurst won, but not by enough of a margin to take the nomination. That forced a run-off between he and Cruz. Cruz took that run-off, then faced fierce competition against socialist-backed Sadler.

In Arizona, conservatives retained a Senate seat with dark horse Jeff Flake beating highly touted blue-dog socialist Carmona for John Kyl's seat.

However, socialists elected Fauxcohondas Liz Warren over incumbent conservative Scott Brown.

The overall result was a loss of one or two seats by conservatives, netting in a bare majority of socialists, but not enough to break the stagnation of the past two years.

In the House, Republicans have retained control, losing a couple of seats while gaining a couple, netting another term of no-change.

If you notice, I stated "Republicans". Martha McSally is ahead in the still unsettled Arizona Congressional District vacated by Gabby Giffords. Incumbent Ron Barber, who won the seat in a special election against Jesse Kelly. Ron Barber is more aligned with socialism than Giffords. McSally is a left-leaning RINO who reflects the blue-dog moderate feel that Giffords attempted to personify to her constituents. McSally is a little more right leaning than Giffords was, though not much.

Also in Arizona, Grijalva appears to have retained his seat. Grijalva is a socialist aligned with the racist organizations La Raza and MeCHA. That district of Arizona voting such a disgrace into office, yet again, is most likely due to the fact that much of the district is national parks where US Citizens are forbidden to enter due to the high traffic of illegal aliens, drug cartels, sex slaves, and illegal weapons smugglers. It is the congressional district where US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by a recipient of Operation Fast and Furious provided weapons.

In gubernatorial elections, conservatives have expanded their map, to 30 states. Socialists may have up to 19 once the final tallies are verified, with one so-called "independent". This may bring states' rights and the 10th Amendment back into view as socialists do not recognize the 10th Amendment. With governors holding 60% of the seats, ratification of amendments to the US Constitution fall in favor of conservatives.

The bottom line is that the next two years will be more of the same. The House will pass sensible budgets that cut spending and push for lower taxes over a larger tax base. The senate won't pass them. The president won't sign them. The president will ignore the US Constitution and use his socialist oligarchy (called his executive bureaucracy) to rule, by force, through executive orders.

And reports of businesses planning to close due to the PPACA and these executive orders are already rolling in. Other businesses are decreasing their number of full-time positions and lowering both hours and wages for the same reason. even if the U3 unemployment should drop, average earnings and prosperity are looking to have a hard climb if not a fall.

Buckle up America. It's about to be a tough, hard road. It's time to dig in and be the exceptional people we are DESPITE the socialists. It's time to survive, mitigate, and wait it out.