Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gore and Eco-Loonies Demanding Carbon Tax

Courtesy Climate SOS

The day after Obama was re-elected, a bunch of alleged ecologists marched on Washington, DC to call for increased federal regulations and sanctions against carbon-based fuels and products.

They claim that unless the government forces citizens and companies to work in conditions that are beyond currently available technology that our planet will burst into flames, the polar ice caps will melt overnight, and everybody will die.

The eco-terrorists also believe that enacting strict laws against carbon usage and emissions and putting placing an "environment-friendly", benevolent despotic dictator in charge of the world will end all wars, tyranny, human suffering, etc. Of course it will because we'll all be either enslaved or dead.

Of course, these are the same so-called scientists who ignore over half of the data-set because it doesn't fit into their agenda. Current scientific evidence shows that the global-warming theory may be incorrect. Other scientific evidence suggests that, though global warming may exist, that human intervention has not caused it nor will it prevent it. The bottom line is that global warming is still much in dispute within the scientific community. It is not a fact. It is still a collection of yet unproven hypotheses.

With the looming "fiscal cliff" that our federal government (as well as several left-leaning state governments such as California) are kicking in the turbo chargers and hitting the N2O switches to rush towards, Al Gore (not a scientist) is at it again. He is, yet again, suggesting the federal government introduce a "carbon tax".

Gore's argument is that such a tax will increase federal revenue sufficiently enough to cover the deficit and start paying back the national debt. He claims it will alleviate taxes on middle and lower income brackets. He also claims it will save the planet.

Al Gore has, yet again, proved himself to be an idiot.

First of all, most industries these days use plastics. The medical industry needs plastics in order to save lives. Plastics are necessary for preventive medicine as well. With the PPACA making health care less affordable, and less available, to the majority of Americans, such a tax will further decrease the quality of life and lifespans of our citizens.

Yes, Mr. Gore, plastics are made from petroleum. Some are made from soybeans, yes. But, guess what! The plastics made from soy are also carbon based!

Do you know what else is carbon based? Anything that is organic. That means lettuce, chicken, been, fish, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, peas, milk, eggs, cheese, beer, scotch, wine, and bread.

So is the breath we exhale, which contains a high amount of CO2. So, it sounds as though Gore wants a tax on breathing.

Next, Al Gore fails to understand that any increased overhead, such as taxes and regulatory fees, get passed along to consumers. That means increased utility costs on homes. It means increased utility costs on businesses who will have to raise prices. It means increased portage and cartage costs and packaging costs for food items. It means increased costs in transportation just getting to work, meaning people will have less disposable income (since their net wages will be lower). It will means higher costs for farmers who need diesel, gasoline, and natural gas to cultivate and harvest food. it will mean that people who are just making ends meet will start falling short on paying for basic necessities like food, water, heat, clothing, and waste removal.

Furthermore, such taxes will lead to many companies having reduced capital. That means they may have to reduce production. That will mean fewer and  fewer available jobs. It will mean more people out of work and not paying income taxes (and unable to pay the other taxes).

Gore doesn't want to use "green policies" to avoid the "fiscal cliff". He wants us all to put on our Proud To Drive My Prius (Classic Thong) underwear and ride a turbo-charged Prius straight over it.