Monday, November 26, 2012

Parents & Kids Face Hard Fight Against Chipping

Courtesy of Facebook
Several schools across the US began inserting Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) chips, of the sort used in pets, into their school ID cards or other items students are compelled to bear and wear at government schools.

The main reason for the chipping of students is simply a means to justify higher allocations of tax money for their teachers and administrators, and, therefore, the unions. The school districts themselves support that claim. The Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX stated they implemented the technology in order to combat attendance problems in the district. The chips are used to track the attendance numbers and locations of students allegedly to keep students in classrooms instead of truant or dropping out. If attendance falls below certain numbers, the schools in the district lose funding. The funding is based upon attendance. However, if the numbers rise, they get more funding. That funding goes to paying for more teachers and administrators, justifying their salaries. Those government indoctrinators then pay dues, or higher dues, to the teachers' unions. It is the same purpose as Julian Castro's sales tax increase to allegedly provide for better "Pre-K" programs at indoctrination centers.

However, the tracking technology extends beyond just the classroom, as sensors and programs that can track the RFID chips can then be used to track where the bearers go outside of school hours. It can track students as they go to religious or youth group programs not sponsored by the schools. It can track when parents take kids to the various doctors' offices, violating confidentiality laws.

Those who support the chipping program state that the RFID chips are no more intrusive than gps tracking programs on smart phones and computer tablets. The difference is that those trackers can be turned off and the batteries removed.

Students, along with many parents, who oppose the RFID chipped student ID cards and other items, face a spectrum of penalties. Some students have been threatened with suspension or expulsion. Others were threatened to be banned from extra-curricular activities such as homecoming events, dances, clubs, and sports. That begs the applicability of the mandates towards home-schooled students who wish to participate in taxpayer funded activities such as sports teams. Will they now be banned from these activities because they do not have RFID chipped ID cards?

One student, Andrea Hernandez, and her parents oppose the RFID chips on religious grounds. She was ordered to comply or face expulsion. Her religious views suggest the chips are part of "the beast's" method of tracking his minions as depicted in the Book of Revelations. Regardless of one's personal religious views and agreement or disagreement with that belief, the First Amendment supports their freedom to have that belief. Forcing the girl to wear the "brand of the beast" violates that Amendment. The courts have granted Andrea an injunction that forbids the school from expelling or punishing her for refusing to bear the RFID chip until the case completes its days in court.

Even the rather socialist leaning American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) finds the program "dehumanizing".

The "dehumanizing" in schools is nothing new. In several schools across the country, students are forced to walk with "hallway hands" in elementary and middle schools. In the Judson Independent School District, also in San Antonio, these students are compelled to walk with their hands held together and pressed to their lower backs, as though they are handcuffed. This is how prison inmates are also compelled to walk. The indoctrinators treat our children like criminals. This is not just done in cases where they misbehave. It is done as they navigate the halls from class to class or to lunch. 

Now is the time for a great entrepreneur to step up and make a lot of money. Someone should invent a card carrier that will allow the ID to be visible on its lanyard while blocking RFID transmissions. For now, if your child is issued one of these and you oppose it being worn and your child's movements being tracked by the government, get a small metal safe. Put the RFID ID cards in the safe. Drop your kids off at school and walk them to the door. Deliberately take the IDs out of the safe in front of the administration. Do the reverse when you pick them up.

If you wish to be more of an activist, cut the ID up in front of the school principal and remind that public employee that he or she is YOUR employee, you are their boss, not the other way around. Parents need to take a stance for their parental rights. For far too long, they have allowed the schools to usurp their parental authority and violate their natural rights. In doing so, they have allowed the government indoctrination centers to brainwash their kids instead of supporting their actual education.