Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Schools Indoctrinating Un-American Divisive Collectivism

That should read "Center For Overpriced Tuition, Socialist Indoctrination & Opposing Individual Prosperity"

A recent op-ed published by The College Fix discussed the syllabus for one of its political science classes. The indoctrination pontiffs demand that students use what they mislabel as "inclusive diction" in their oratory and written work.

The problem is that the so-called "inclusive diction" is anything but inclusive. First, the college demands that victims students not use terms such as Americans, US Citizens, or US Patriots. Instead, they have to label people based upon race, religion, or gender. This is allegedly meant to "include" all these separate little demographics into the whole of the collective.

Second, this policy labels people based upon a demographic trait, pigeonholing them into some special little collective, thus removing their status as among  the smallest and most important minority -- The Individual. The idea is to educate in the plight of these separate collectives as an approach to "social justice". The real issue is that social justice is one that looks beyond those demographic markers and applies to all individuals universally. Real social justice concentrates on individual natural rights:  Life, Liberty, and Property (also known as the Pursuit of Happiness).

This tactic is not new. It is just a more blatant and culturally invasive attack on individuality that started with the whole "PC" campaign. For those unaware, "PC" stands for "politically correct". If it were truly "politically correct", it would not use terms such as "African-Americans", "Jewish-Americans", "Female-Americans", "Naturalized-Americans", etc. It would use the blanket term "Americans". If a cultural divide were necessary, it would be "Tax-paying citizens" and "mooching-residents". However, those terms are contrary to the collectivist thought of the socialist left. You see, "PC" is only "correct" when the left forces its use upon conservatives. It's also separatist and divisive. It causes people to look at the differences, then to speak and act cautiously after recognizing those demographic traits.

I served 24 years in the military. The military works hard to eliminate prejudice, racism, and bigotry. Does some still exist? Yes. However, it is not tolerated and is punished when proven. Here is the difference. The US Army does not look at a Soldier and refer to them as an "African-American Soldier" or as a "Jewish-Sergeant" or a "Naturalized-Captain". They are Soldiers. Each is taken into account by their individual efforts and merits. The "whole soldier" concept is used. Soldiers are not promoted or punished based upon any "PC" collectivist demographic. I have sat on several promotion boards. Race and gender have never been discussed in deciding if SPC Snuffy is deserving of Sergeant's stripes.

These "inclusive diction" policies do the exact opposite.

The leftist indoctrination in collegiate undergraduate curricula is nothing new. It's been encroaching for decades, in fact, almost a century. However, in the last couple of decades is has become bold and blatant. This is a tragedy in political science courses as it causes a failure to present all political aspects. Everything is tainted towards a socialist mentality in many colleges across America.

One Soldier I know started his military career in the US Navy. He did his enlistment in Naval Intelligence. Upon completion, he used his benefits to garner a college degree as well as an eventual commission as an officer in the US Army. He originally intended to earn a degree in political science. He related the tale of why he changed his major. During one of the first classes in political science, his professor used the podium more as a pulpit to preach progressive thought than to educate. He spoke about the evils of using tax money for national defense, among other aspects of leftist-collectivist thought. The Soldier agreed with the teacher. He then stated that the money normally used on national security should then be used to educate US Citizens in Chinese, Russian and Spanish. The professor thought that use of tax funding for education was noble but it should be used to provide a "living wage" or some other leftist nonsense. Then he asked the Soldier why he chose linguistic and cultural diversity classes specifically. The Soldier, having come from an intelligence background, stated simply and truthfully that if we diverted the defense funding that is mandated by the US Constitution into other things and crippled our great republic's ability to defend our liberties that we'd soon be taken over militarily and economically by China, Venezuela, and/or Russia. The Soldier was told to choose another major or another college because he would NEVER pass a single political science class at that school.

The indoctrination into collectivism, statism, and socialism begins in elementary school and continues through high school. Students these days receive very little history education. Instead, they receive "social studies" meant to increase their knowledge of "cultural diversity". They are taught to be "sensitive" to the "special needs" of the [BLANK] community. "The 'Martian-Americans' have their special cultural needs, and you need to understand and be sensitive to the needs of their special collective.". The history and necessity for individual natural rights are not taught. In fact, the students are told those thoughts are "greedy and evil". The students are also told to be sensitive to the plight of the poor illegals who broke the law and invaded our country. They are their own special collective that "has a right" to a portion of a citizen's legally earned property and that portion of that citizen's life spent earning it. 

For those who seek a degree, particularly in political science, I strongly suggest getting a more balanced and factually accurate course of study such as that of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale utilizes books such as The Churchill Documents, Volume 14: At the Admiralty, September 1939 - May 1940 (Google Affiliate Ad). They present both conservative and progressive views of issues as well as the historical facts. They have two free online courses, as well. In addition, since your kids aren't receiving adequate education in US History, you may want to look into buying them some fun books that will fill those gaps. Callista Gingrich has a couple of great ones. She is the wife of Newt Gingrich and co-author of Ronald Reagan By Cohen, David Elliot (CRT)/ Robinson, Peter/ Gingrich, Newt (FRW)/ Gingrich, Callista (FRW) (Google Affiliate Ad). For even younger readers, Amelia Hamilton has now two books that teach counting and civics.