Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meteor Showers and Marxist Terrorists -- 17 November

Readers get a double dose in one article today.

November 17, 2012 bears significance for multiple reasons.

The first is that at about 3am, sky watchers were treated to one of the solar system's greatest natural fireworks shows.

That's right science geeks, they're back!

Those unaware may want to turn their eyes skyward and east tonight (or early morning tomorrow) after the moon has passed to the western portion of the sky. Look towards the constellation of Leo. Expect to see at least 10 shooting stars an hour as the Leonid Meteor Shower puts on its annual show.

I first heard of the Leonids in November of 2001. I had just returned from an overseas tour and happened to be on leave in route to my next assignment. My father and I bundled up with some warm drinks and watched the shower for a few hours. At that point I was hooked. I now look for peak times and dates for the larger meteor showers.

To watch the meteors, you need to get away from the city. If you can get on the side of a mountain and face east, you'll get an even better view. The less full the moon, the better. The meteors normally are better viewed in the early morning. However, the times differ each year, depending upon the phase of the moon.

This year, they will be visible from November 16-20, best viewed in early morning hours between 3am and sunrise. 

While living in Arizona, and still in uniform, my Soldiers would cringe when the meteors flashed during Physical Readiness Training (PRT). I explained to them that the flashes were not lightening. Lightening without much clouds is relatively common in southern Arizona. When I told them it was the meteor showers, however, it became hard to keep their focus on their morning exercises.  

The second topic is a more serious one.

Many Americans have turned their eyes on Greece as a warning of where increasing socialist programs will lead our country. Their unemployment is at a record high. They have seen riots. They have watched their economy keep falling. Then they elected socialists into power to continue more of the same failure.

Heralding these policies are several left-wing extremist groups. One that emerged within the last couple of years is called "The Sect Of Revolutionaries" or by the acronym, EA, taken from its name in Greek. EA is not really that new of a group. They are just a repackaging of a terrorist group that was allegedly toppled in June 2002. However, EA began its operations in early 2003.

In reality, they are just 17 November (17N) with a new name, same mission, and updated tactics.

The group targets prominent businessmen, capitalists, and Americans, particularly those who served  in the US Military. They prefer up close and personal assassinations done with pistols, at close range, in rather public venues such as cafes and restaurants. However, they have conducted the occasional bombing operation.

The group came into being about the same time left-wing terrorist groups in the US began their horrific acts of terror. In the 1970s, the US had the Weather Underground, which was led by one of Obama's mentors, Bill Ayers. We also had the Symbionese Liberation Army whose most infamous member was Patty Hearst, daughter of media mogul Randolph Hearst. Patty Hearst's prison sentence was commuted by socialist Jimmy Carter and later she was pardoned by the leftist Bill Clinton.

Today, supporters and fans of these groups are now part of the very "establishment" they rebelled against. We have one of them recently re-elected to the office of President. One of his key advisers, Valarie Jarrett, is among others who grew up admiring these murderers. The list goes on and on as you look through the cabinet.

A year ago, those indoctrinated and molded by these groups garnered the support of Marxist labor unions, particularly so-called "teachers' unions" and the SEIU and started the "Occupy" movement. Their lauded "new" system of governing deemed "direct democracy" is nothing by a rehashing of Athenian Democracy, which failed as a government system a few thousand years ago. It's the same system that the left-wing Marxist groups such as 17N and EA demagogue in Greece. It's that same ideology of class warfare, stealing form those who earn and giving to those who are lazy.

In Greece, you have a current government that also grew-up infatuated with 17N in Greece. Acting as their unofficial strong-arm is this repackaging of 17N, the EA. Today is November 17th, the day commemorating their namesake's founding. Given the significance, expect to see something in Greece between now and the 23rd of December, as those are significant dates to the groups.