Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks, Treats, Intimidation, Fraud, Incompetence

Greetings and salutations.

Yesterday, I did a few things for Halloween/Samhain. I dressed up. I freely donated candy to kids in return for being entertained by their costumes and antics. I also did some contact juggling to entertain them as well. I also spent a good portion of the day creating and uploading my trick and treat for the pundits and politicians.

I am giving Obama more ammunition to increase riots and violence. Yes, I am posting a video, my second.

I hope you enjoy it.

For those who have issues seeing the video, here is a little diatribe for your reading pleasure.

The first item I discussed was voter fraud in regards to early voting. In Arizona, one couple was contacted by the local election officials. The signatures on their mail-in early ballots did not match the ones on file with the state DMV. The couple's response was "What ballot? We didn't receive it. Could you please send us one so we can vote?". It turned out that somebody intercepted their ballots, voted fraudulently, and forged the signatures. The investigation is ongoing.

Here in my town of residence, my wife and I went to a government administration building in order to take care of some of that post-nuptial red-tape. The building was also designated as an official early voting location. Outside, they had the signs posted indicating as much. The signs stated "Early Voting", "Must Have ID", "No Weapons Allowed", and the other things you'd expect. Of course, those signs also included one citing election law and campaigning near polling places.

Standing next to the sign, pestering people as they attempted to enter the government building, was a campaign volunteer. He was dressed like a homeless man, perhaps to garner sympathy. His hair was ragged and unkempt. On his head, however, was a brand new "Obama-Biden '12" ball cap. When we exited the building, I made the criminal (yes, he was breaking the law) a bit uncomfortable. My wife and I had a discussion during which I made sure my voice was louder than normal, so the law-breaker could hear me. I spoke about his breaking the law by campaigning there. I mentioned his obvious costume. I made a point to draw attention to the fact that only somebody of Julian Castro's socialist party could get away with campaigning right outside a polling place. I also mentioned the fact I could not understand how anybody would support a candidate who is hell-bent on undermining and destroying the Constitution that I spent 24 years supporting and defending, with my life.

This made the man uncomfortable. It must have. With a very worried posture, he pulled out a new looking iPhone 5 in an Incipio Dual Pro Case and called somebody. He spoke in hushed tones about being "outed". Yes, he was attempting to intimidate and harass early voters.

True The Vote and Verify the Vote have great information on voter fraud and voter intimidation. Verify the Vote also has online courses on poll watching. Even if you cannot volunteer as a poll watcher, the information in the courses is great just to inform you on what to look for and what you can do should you encounter either fraud or intimidation at  a polling location. 

A note from Brad Zinn of Verify the Vote on the poll watching courses and certifications:

True The Vote, and Verify The Vote, AZ is only doing recruiting and training of volunteers to do poll watching.
Let us make this PERFECTLY CLEAR. We DO NOT have ANYTHING to do with giving out credentials nor polling station assignments.
You MUST go through your County Party officials to receive this material.
We will NOT be responding to any more inquiries along this line. The link to get this info is here:
This page will be available late night 11/01/12
Please spread the word. Thank you.
Brad Zinn
Jennifer Wright
Verify The Vote, AZ
State leaders, True The Vote

Other issues I discussed in the video include Obama's politicizing of Hurricane Sandy. In the end, it was the efforts of private charities (capitalist, Non-Government Organizations), local political leadership, local emergency response workers, and local volunteers who mitigated what could have been the biggest natural disaster of the century so far. Obama wanted to look "presidential". Governors and Mayors at the local levels actually did their jobs. Obama attempted to take credit.

I then  contrasted that with Obama's handling of the attack on our embassy in Libya. Rumors, which are starting to look more and more verified as true, indicate that Obama was informed, through classified diplomatic cables, of Al-Q'aeda's planning attacks on the embassy in Libya as well as potentially others as early as August 15, 2012. That is almost a month (27 days) before the actual attack on September 11,2012. Yet, Obama did not beef up the security. When the attack occurred, he told rescue and response assets to "Stand-Down".

That is not acting presidential, in my view. It is acting like a despot who is seeking totalitarian-like power, or a spoiled brat. It is acting like a tyrant. It is not acting like a leader.  If you want somebody who tells you what to do with your time, money, efforts, and life  then vote for Obama. If you want life, liberty, and control of your own property (and how you earn it), vote for a leader who will do his best to protect those natural rights.