Wednesday, January 16, 2013

23 Gun-Grabbing Executive Orders

Surrounded by children being used as brainwashed political pawns in a disgusting display, Obama took the stage to issue his 23 latest imperial decrees. Moments before, those poor, misguided, abused, and programmed children were chanting "Barack Hussein Obama" in a scene reminiscent of Hitler's use of kids chanting his name and "Sieg Heil" just before he announced he would disarm and imprison all Jews. 

"Weapons designed for use in a war have no place in a movie theater. Ronald Reagan supported a ban on the manufacture of military-style assault weapons" (paraphrasing) Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Reagan made his remarks in regards to opposing lifting the ban on the production and sale of machine guns and anti-tank rocket launchers to private citizens.

"Municipalities have had to cut budgets. There aren't enough police. We need to put more police on the streets." (paraphrasing) Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Due to your messed up fiscal and economic policies, municipalities are going bankrupt. Unions with their ridiculous pension plans that do not require those public servants to invest, partially, in their own retirement funds are among the largest contributing factors. The people are taxed enough already. You cannot get blood from a stone.

Which do you want, Barry, police who work without pay or prosperous municipalities? Right now, you cannot afford both. Police "without pay" are average, armed citizens watching their own property as well as their neighbor's. That requires you not infringing on the Second Amendment.

"If America worked harder to keep guns out of hands of criminals who use them for harm." (Paraphrasing) Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Criminals are just like you, Barry. Just as you don't care about the US Constitution, they do not care about the law.

"This will be difficult. Pundits will warn of a tyrannic assault on liberty. Not just because its true, but because they want to block common sense reform. The only way we'll change is if we get them to change their rhetoric to say 'this time we need to do things to protect our kids'. It will only happen if people rise up and demand it, especially in districts that support [the Second Amendment]. We need to examine out hearts [not our heads,where reason, logic, and common sense reside]. The American people, parents, teachers, hunters, and Americans stand up and say 'Enough!', then change will come. That is what it will take to revoke and repeal the Second Amendment" (Paraphrasing) Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

His self-contradicting rhetoric violates every law of logic imaginable while invoking a strong desire to regurgitate. 

The price-tag for Obama's 23 imperial decrees is, at least, a half billion dollars. For those who need to see the zeros, that's $500,000,000.00+ dollars. Add that to the deficit spending he already demands along with his demands that congress increase his credit limit.

Mr. Obama, I have a question for you. Your salary is only $400,000.00 a year. You are $499,600,000.00 short. How are you going to pay for this? (Wait, this proposes that Obama set an example and give up his salary just like he expects other individual citizens to do.)

The 23 executive orders issued mostly expand the information available in background check databases, to include violations of HIPAA laws. That's right, the provided information will include medical records and health histories. While a condition that causes severe diminished mental capacity should limit weapon ownership, it should require a judge to issue a order that removes those rights from the afflicted individuals.

A healthcare professional should not be the judge and law enforcement official who decides who should or should not be allowed to keep their gods-given and constitutionally protected rights.

Let's role-play this one out:
"How severe is the pain in your knee, sir? 1 is a mild annoyance, 10 is you are willing to shoot yourself to stop it."

"In that case, it's a 7."

"Is this a prior injury from, say, your time in Iraq?"

"Yes, it's a prior injury that is acting up."

"So, you were in Iraq?"


"Do you own a gun?"

"That's none of your business."

"Client is an injured war vet with a combative and non-compliant attitude who should have his guns illegally seized by the tyrants' goons."

"Doctor is a liberal douche-canoe who I am  now firing as I call my lawyer to file suit against the violations of HIPAA law, the 4th Amendment, the Privacy Act of 1974, and malpractice."

Obama's rhetoric is a call for the people to rise up and force their Senators, Congressmen, and Governors to support the repeal of the Second Amendment, or a change to it. However, it is just rhetoric. He acknowledged that legislation must originate in Congress. Then he points his fingers at those Senators and Representatives who support the Second Amendment, its true purpose and meaning, and its long-standing historic tradition. He honestly believes that enough people will rise up and say "Enough! Please take away all the guns, including mine!"

Barry then demands universal background checks. The irony here is that most lawfully purchased weapons are done by people who have favorable background checks. Even those who purchase a weapon through a private, person to person transaction (not one from a gun dealer) involve two personnel who already own guns that required those initial background checks. These checks do nothing to hinder black market sales. They do nothing in regards to weapons that are stolen to be used in later crimes.

Having passed even more in-depth background checks, they don't bother me. They are a just a time-wasting annoyance. They are not a deterrent or a hindrance.

It isn't going to happen.

The irony here is that there is a larger call to allow school workers to have concealed carry permits and special situational training so they can better respond to sick monsters like Adam Lanza. Thousands of teachers have requested such training.

More districts and municipalities are requesting armed guards at schools.

Those "gun free zone" signs on so many school doors and fences are just invitations for predators. They know that nobody is armed and able to protect the kids.

So, here's the new deal. The next time we have a school shooting, start placing blame where blame should be blamed.

Blame the shooter. That's the monster who wants to prey upon children.

Blame the idiots who created the cornucopia for the predators -- the idiots who created  the "gun free zones".

Blame the teachers and administrators who were not armed. They intentionally failed to provide for the safety and security of the children. They were willing enablers who assisted the shooters.

Remember, folks, all it takes for evil to exist is for otherwise good people to sit back and do nothing. If we do not have individuals in the schools responsible enough to arm and train themselves to be able to provide reasonable protections and proactive, life-saving responses to an armed predator; then those who failed to do so should be held accountable for their breach of trust.

The socialists who run our schools believe they own our kids from the second they arrive at school until they arrive home. They feel they can tag them with RFID chips like our kids like they are pets or cattle. Well, they are not yours. They are ours. We entrust you with their lives while in your schools. Do the responsible thing and protect them like they are your own.

You want to do something for the kids? So do I. I demand that you protect them instead of disarming those who would do just that.