Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boehner & Co. Want To Give In To Loan Sharks

In a closed party meeting, select GOP Representatives conjured up a bill that presents a form of compromise in order to avoid the "Debt Ceiling Crisis".

From what has been published, so far, the bill proposes a few aspects that should make both sides of the aisle happy. Even Obama has stated he'd sign the bill.

The bill will increase the debt limit enough to avoid the government reaching its limit before March, when sequestration will take place if a final deal isn't met. Basically, it will allow the government to borrow enough money to run until the end of March.

Along with that comes a mandate that a budget be passed and certain spending cuts be made. No specific cuts are made. The bill just states that enough will need to be cut in order to come closer to balancing the budget. Should these not happen, congressmen will not get paid until it does, according to information published about the bill. Obama is on board with it.

That should scare anybody who has ever had to balance their checkbook.

This should scare anybody who has had a Soldier, friend, relative or themselves taken a "payday loan" or visited a "loan shark".

It boils down to "I cannot pay my bills. Please lend me $5k more so I can afford a debt consolidation loan and I will pay it all back,at 33% interest, in 90 days".

We hit the federal credit limit already. We are broke. We started the calender year broke. We just finished the first quarter of the fiscal year, and the federal government is broke.

Like a mob bookie, Obama just told congress to go get a loan from his favorite loan shark and he will approve it.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that Obama has complete morons actually believing that the debt ceiling has anything to do with repaying debts or bills it owes. It doesn't. It has to do with borrowing money. It has to do with creating more bills it cannot pay. Obama wants more bills that we cannot afford. He does not want prosperity.

Meanwhile, these representatives are actually willing to go meet that loan shark and request a loan, though a smaller one.

We the people need to tell them "NO!"

Congress needs to come up with a balanced budget. That budget needs to do the following things, in these priorities:

1. It needs to provide for the defense of this nation. That is the number one reason the federal government is allowed to collect taxes and revenue.

2. It needs to set up a payment plan for the debt it already owes. This is the second mandate the constitution gives in regards for allowing congress the authority to collect taxes and revenues.

3. It needs to set up a reasonable budget to run the three branches adequately. If that means that the executive branch needs to cut bureaucrats, that is a good thing.

4. They need to forget about asking for a single cent's raise in credit limit until they can be responsible enough to live within the means it currently has.

So, members of the GOP are selling out to avoid this so-called crisis. Tell them to grow a backbone. Call their offices. Write them emails. Let your voice be heard. Tell them "NO!".

There is no crisis. We hit a debt ceiling when Clinton was president. The prosperity that many attribute to his administration came from the GOP majority in the House, led by Newt Gingrich, telling Clinton to pass their budget and cut spending. They stood with a backbone. After vetoing the bill three times, Clinton eventually conceded. What was the outcome? Well, there was a budget surplus when George W. Bush was inaugurated. That was because Clinton was forced to enact and execute fiscal conservative policies.

Our country won't fall apart if we refuse to raise the credit limit. The government won't shut down if we refuse to raise that credit limit. What will happen is that Obama and the socialists will realize they don't have a minor nuisance to contend with but the will of the people.