Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make Obama Have A Serious Conversation

Good Morning, Barack. I'd like to talk to you about Taxes.

Neal Boortz officially retires on January 21, 2013. Legally, he is already retired, currently working without a salary for his last few days on the radio. His last full radio show is scheduled for Friday, January 18, 2013.

Neal's latest book, Maybe I should Just Shut Up And Go Away is a bestseller. People are flocking to garner a piece of memorabilia from this syndicated media icon's 42 year long career.

Over those 42 years, Neal has infuriated people. He has left people cheering. He has said things, on the radio, so many have been timid to utter out loud. He has said things that have shocked people. He has been labeled a "racist", though those who do so must not know his history with long-standing friends such as Herman Cain and the late Royal Marshal.

Though labeled an "extreme conservative", Neal has championed choice, though he refuses to debate abortion politics on his show. Neal has also scolded the extreme religious right for disenfranchising normal people.

Above all, love him or hate him, Neal has provided great entertainment.

Neal has done many other things of merit over the years as well. He was once a lawyer. He was nominated for the Georgia Supreme Court. He wrote a few other books.

Among the books Neal authored are two that he co-wrote that every American should read. Those are his two books about the Fair Tax.

The Fair Tax is perhaps the most researched tax reform concept of the modern era.

The Fair Tax is the end-state of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which is meant as a temporary interim to segue into repealing the 16th Amendment and replacing it with the Fair Tax.

Many do not like the Fair Tax. Many of them do not really understand it. Others understand it yet see more benefits and simplicity in a flat-rate income tax. Socialists prefer crippling and economy shrinking progressive tax laws with more brackets of ever-increasing rates that punish prosperity. Other socialists would love fewer tax brackets that have even greater progressive increases in rates with a mandated cap in earnings after which 100% of income is stolen by the government. Some people love it.

Regardless of your opinions on tax policies and theories, Neal provides a common sense addition to the debate. Such a debate would be entertaining, despite the relatively dry subject matter. It would allow greater discussion and formulating of workable policy. Though entertaining, such a discussion would be informative, important, and serious.

There is a petition to the White House. It requests that Obama give Neal an hour of his time for a serious discussion concerning tax policy and the Fair Tax. Please sign it. Sign it for Neal. Sign it for America. Sign it for your kids. Sign it for your grandchildren. Sign it for the  potential entertainment value.

If you agree with the Fair Tax, sign it so Obama has it explained to him.

If you disagree with it but agree we need tax reform, sign it to start the discussion.

If you agree with a more progressive tax structure, sign it so that Neal can go make a fool of himself.

Sign it for yourself.