Monday, January 21, 2013

More Important Than Obama's Coronation: MLK

Yesterday, in a small ceremony, Obama was officially and legally sworn-in for his second term as emperor president. The ceremony was behind closed doors with only a select group of witnesses allowed to attend.

Most presidents whose January 20th inaugurations fell on a Sunday postponed the ceremony one day. The exceptions started with "progressive" (read: socialist) Woodrow Wilson, who broke that long-standing tradition. Yesterday, Obama did the same. Since the tradition began, only socialist-leaning presidents have broken from it.

In order to appear not to have broken with that tradition, Obama scheduled his multimillion dollar waste of taxpayer money extravaganza to Monday, January 21, 2013. The ceremony will not be the official one. Like a married couple who eloped six months ago and is just now getting around to having a reception for friends and family, this one is just a dog and pony show to please a certain demographic.

It is also fitting that Obama moved his celebration and fake coronation to the observance of Martin Luther King Day. While some may find it fitting because Obama is the country's first black president, that is not what makes this fitting. What makes it fitting is that it falls in line with every other propagandized event Obama has conducted since 2007.

Remember, Obama officially kicked off his last campaign on May 5th, 2012. Many saw the significance of that being Cinco de Mayo. It was done, in part, to feign solidarity with Hispanic and Latino voters. However, it was also symbolic of Obama's anti-American ideology. Obama is a devout socialist, folks. May 5th is the birthday of Karl Marx. It is a socialist holiday. Obama's decision to take Marx's newspaper title, "Forward", as his campaign slogan just solidified this.

So, Obama wants to make himself look more like MLK. This is because Obama capitalized on the good works MLK did and the legacy we built upon. He is a product of the merits of true individualism and natural rights regardless of race, creed, or color.

The problem is that Obama is a champion of everything MLK stood against.

MLK did not seek to incite class warfare, blaming those who earned for what others failed to earn. MLK was about equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.  MLK wanted each child to be born with the opportunity to work hard and achieve their dreams. Obama wants most children to be born able only to reach a glass ceiling because, well, "that's fair".

MLK did not support enslaving people to a government handout. He did not want it to be more profitable to have 4 kids with 3 different Mothers/Fathers not being married to any of them. He did not want votes bought with free cell phones. MLK stood more for opportunities to achieve, not for reasons to sit idle and collect "entitlements".  

MLK did not support collectivism. He opposed it. In MLK's time, people were lumped into collectives based upon skin color. Certain water fountains, seats, and even schools were segregated for use by collectives of certain skin tones or ethnic ancestry. Today, Obama wants to segregate people based upon where they were born (native born versus naturalized). He wants to segregate people by occupation (bankers versus plumbers). He wants to segregate people based upon income levels, pigeon-holing them into classes and pitting them against each other (middle class versus upper-class). In fact, one thing Obama seems to want people to ignore is that the US Constitution forbids classes. Many of his useful idiots still segregate people based upon race ("if you didn't vote for Obama it's because you're a racist").

Compare MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech to Obama's rhetoric. He uses some of MLK's key phrases. However, he twists them into divisive phrases. MLK never called out to "punish" those who worked hard to achieve and succeed. He just wanted it so people such as Herman Cain and Christopher Gardner could have the same opportunities for success as Bernie Marcus.

If Obama truly wanted to be more like MLK, he would be a Republican. He would be a TEA Party darling. He would support the repeal of the 16th Amendment instead of seeking the repeal of the 2nd and 22nd Amendments. He would champion The Fair Tax or a flat tax so that everybody really did "pay their fair share". He would truly support equal rights of opportunity regardless of sex, race, and circumstances of birth. He would support school choice. He would support the US Constitution as the supreme law for all. He does not.

Obama's having the celebration of his inauguration on MLK day is nothing less than a perversion of every good thing that great man stood for.