Sunday, January 6, 2013

Third Term Tyrant Possibility

Hi! I want to repeal the US Constitution,
Amendment by amendment, article by article
until we are the Socialist States of America.
My useful idiots keep voting for me, too.

Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY-15) sponsored a resolution to congress, H.J. Res. 15, to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment is the one that formally placed term limits on the office of President at two terms. Prior to the amendment, the two-term limit had been a long-standing tradition started by President George Washington. Washington, in his wisdom, sought to insure that no one executive remained in power long enough to transform the US into a tyranny such as seen under several Roman emperors and the nobility in Europe.

Almost every elected president since had held with that tradition claiming the very same basic tenet. One key exception was the renowned socialist, Franklin Roosevelt, who was elected  to four terms (serving only 3 of them). The 22nd Amendment passed congress in 1947, not long after WWII ended. FDR's VP at his time of death was President Truman, who was the seated president at the time the bill was passed. It took four years or so for the amendment to be ratified (1951).

Jose Serrano wants it repealed. He wants Obama elected to a third term though he hasn't yet been inaugurated into his second. It takes little research to determine, with educated speculation, why Serrano would sponsor such a proposal.

Serrano has history of supporting bills meant to reduce US Sovereignty and eliminate individual rights and liberties. He claims to be for "civil rights" yet he panders to collectives while oppressing the smallest minorities in the US -- the individual citizens.

Serrano opposes another amendment, the Second. In his own words, he demands that the rights of owning and carrying firearms to be greatly infringed.

Serrano also wants trade restrictions and embargoes lifted from Cuba, a known tyranny and socialist country.

Serrano wants any overpayment of federal taxes (what usually becomes your tax return) to, instead, be directed into a "library trust fund".  He doesn't think that people's money should be returned.

Serrano wants to waive proof of citizenship for Socialist Insecurity Social Security enrollment for children born to medicaid (not medicare) eligible mothers.

And, in this economy that is already crippled by out-of-control government spending, Serrano wants to raise taxes and appropriate federal funding, in violation of the 10th Amendment, to hire "paraprofessionals" to support teachers. Notice that these are not teachers. They are not educators. They are merely unskilled laborers to add to the rolls at the local teachers' unions with American taxpayers footing the waste of money.

The answer is more than obvious. Serrano seems to support Obama becoming the US's version of Fidel Castro. He wants the USA to become more like Cuba. He implies that he wants it to be like the place that people flee from instead of remaining the one place they can flee to.

H.J. Res 15 is not the first attempt to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Historically, only one amendment (prohibition) has ever been repealed. The 16th Amendment (allows for income taxes) stands a better chance at being repealed than the 22nd. The resolution is in committee. It has no cosponsors. It is not yet even on the agenda for discussion in committee, much less on the calender for a floor vote.

Despite the odds being against such a repeal does not make it impossible. Most people believed that the citizens of this country would not be ignorant enough to elect the socialist-in-chair for a second term. Yet, that is what happened. The possibility that the same ignorant and uneducated masses of useless idiots would support repealing the 22nd so that same Marxist could legally seek a third term is still a viable possibility that cannot be ignored.

Call, write, and e-mail your Representatives, Senators, and Governors in regards to H.J. 15. Let them know you oppose repealing the 22nd Amendment.