Monday, January 7, 2013

You Didn't Earn That!

The "fiscal cliff" tax increases went into law last week. Now several Obama supporters are crying that Obama broke his promise to not increase taxes on the so-called "middle class".

Socialist Insecurity Garnishments Social Security Taxes increased by 2% on everybody. Medicare taxes are going up on everybody. In addition, the prices of health insurance and other healthcare plans are going up due to the PPACA that Obama and Pelosi championed.

With now lower net paychecks, Obama-loyal families now have to reconfigure their already stretched budgets right along with everybody else.

Yes, people, Obama lied to you. If you are paying attention, he isn't done yet. He and his socialist cronies in congress want to raise them even more as part of the "debt ceiling" negotiations, especially if fiscal conservatives propose further spending cuts. You were warned.

Obama, in his own words, told you what his ideology is. He told you "They didn't build that!". You thought that applied only to those who succeeded in building the businesses that employ you. You allowed yourself to be deluded.

The truth of Obama's ideology is that he believes that none of us own our incomes. He believes that none of us own our property. He believes that your paycheck is what the government allows you to keep. According to him, you didn't earn that. You are allowed to keep your fair share. According to him, government decides what that "fair share" should be. He doesn't like the economic laws of supply and demand. He doesn't believe in natural law and natural rights (life, liberty, property). In his mind, it all belongs to the elected masters in government.

Obama also does not believe that American successes are due to the efforts of individuals. He doesn't believe in individuals. He believes in collectivism. He doesn't believe that Steve Jobs built Apple Computers. He believes the government did and they just allowed Jobs to build iPods, iPads, and Macs. He believes every success in America is due to government spending. Therefore, he believes our economy will only improve if he steals takes back what you earn government allows you to spend as "income"; then he spends your the government's money on what he decides to spend it.  After all, his ideology is that it's all the government's anyway. That includes your house, your paycheck, your food, your kids, etc.

So, you are not entitled to the fruit of your labors. You are just entitled to what the government decides you need. That is why being on government handouts such as EBT cards and other "relief" for utilities and housing (and "Obamaphones") equate to a tax-free $30 and hour, 40 hour a week job. So, those who are dependent upon their government masters get more than your average working class citizen who is trying to build a life and family on an average wage of $23.73 and hour for 34.5 hours a week. Mind you, those working class citizens who are attempting to prosper must be taxed and punished for attempting to leave the plantation.

So, let's summarize the ideology you voted for:

1) You didn't earn that! We let you have it. We can take it away anytime we want.

2) Those who earn must be punished.

3) Those who create, invent, produce, and enhance society must be enslaved to their employees.

4) You shouldn't be allowed to defend yourself. That's the government's job. Don't worry, we'll stop the criminals from committing  their crimes by making their illicit acts legal.

5) The UN should have dominion over the US. The US should be subjugated to the one-world-tyranny.

6) The US Constitution is a "living document" that needs to be assassinated.

Yes, this is what you voted for. This is what you wanted. This is what we are now all stuck with. Just think, he wants a third term and is already campaigning and fundraising for it.