Friday, March 1, 2013

A Year After Andrew -- #WAR

A year ago today many of us were slammed hard in the chest with devastating news. A good man was taken from us, unexpectedly.

Twice before I wrote about Andrew Breitbart's impact on my life. First was my still stunned reaction to the news of his death. The second was my stunned disappointment in the presidential election in November.

Andrew's affect on my personal life is more than obvious.

I first became aware of Andrew while I was stationed in Iraq on my fourth tour. To the chagrin of many, I counted on "The Bigs" for much of my news from back home.

When I retired from the military, Andrew's fire and passion inspired me to become more open and vocal on current events, culture, and politics than I was  able to be during my military career. I began blogging on politics, waste, and abuse. In fact, because of Andrew's influence, my First Amendment rights were among the top things I looked forward to upon retirement.

CPAC 2012, I watched Andrew's speech online. I began to work harder, look deeper, get more involved.

Since Andrew died, my writing has become more evolved. I am more impassioned not only to seek and report the truth, but to examine and explain my analysis of events and actions taken by our governments from local to federal. I also started to take a closer look at how and what our children are taught, looking to expose and combat indoctrination and lies in public schools.

I have written almost every day. On days I do not publish an article, I am conducting research, making phone calls, or working on one of my books (still in progress).

I have seen the same or better progress in my fellow conservatives. Each "loss" in the political arena just seems to spark a greater effort.

In many ways, it's as though Andrew is still with us, rollerblading into a union-bought student protest and helping them to expose their own hypocrisy.

Today, I will not cry. I will laugh. I laughed at the hypocrisy in Obama's sequestration speech. I laugh at Maxine Waters as she writhes under her own words. I laugh at Sen. Feinstein's statement that disarming the public will lead to criminals setting down their illegal guns because "it's just human nature".

I will laugh because I know Andrew is watching and laughing. He is watching the hypocrisy exposed faster than the political oligarchs and their supporters can spin. I laugh because I know that is what Andrew would be doing as he watched  the sunlight reveal the hypocrisy and disinfect the infection of tyranny.