Friday, March 22, 2013

CSCOPE -- Lying To Students & Revisionist History

The CSCOPE program and curricula in use at too many Texas schools has come under fire over the past few months. This has not been without cause or just reason. Parents and patriots are outraged.


The comprachicos using the curricula have forced students, US Citizens, to commit acts of treason. Such occurred when a so-called "teacher" forced students to deny their US Citizenship and pledge allegiance, instead, to Mexico.

While a stunt of cultural awareness and diversity exposure such as having students wear full Abayiahs or Burkhas in class may upset some people, that act is not as severe as pledging allegiance to a foreign power.

Imagine this is 1943. It may bother parents if a school asked students to wear wooden shoes (sabot) or lederhosen to class while studying European customs.

However, what if those teachers demanded students salute pictures of Adolph Hitler while singing "Deutschland Uber Alles"? Yes, it is the same thing.

In grade school, I took French. We learned the "Marsailles". We did not stand while singing it. We did not salute France's flag. We did not pledge our loyalty to that country. We just sat and sang a song.

Now, as the Blaze reports, students were given a test regarding the September, 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. One of the questions on the test was "Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?". The test's listed "correct" answer "Decisions made in the US have negative effects on people elsewhere".

The author of the test and the course material obviously has no background in counter-terrorism, intelligence, or international relations. The main reason that radical Islamic terrorists attack the US is that they want to force their view of their religion and the tyranny of a theocracy based upon their religious views upon our country. That is the reason.

Other left-wing terrorist groups have attacked our country because of jealousy, pure and simple. They want their oligarchy to rule the world. The US has historically been a bastion against socialism and oligarchic tyranny. We are a symbol of their innate, systemic and ideological failure. They are miserable and want to force us or scare us through threat of force to be miserable as well. That is the reason.

As the revisionist history, such as the claim that the Boston Tea Party was a "terrorist attack, that CSCOPE promotes gets more an more exposed, the program's administrators continue to backpedal and adjust. What this strongly indicates is that they push indoctrinating curricula as far as they can, changing only when they get caught. This does not portray negligence. It strongly appears as obviously intentional.

Perhaps CSCOPE should change their name to something more accurate, such as "Common Comprachico and Indoctrination Curricula For Conversion to Communism (CCICC)". Even better:  "Comprachico's Common Curricula and  Propaganda (CCCP)". For those too young to recall the days of the Cold War, CCCP was the acronym the Soviets used for the USSR.

Here is a very condescending press release from the Four Bluff Independent School District in regards to CSCOPE. As you read it, you will see the most important governing authority of our kid's education completely ignored -- the parents. In fact, the only reference to parents is that they may be allowed to view some of the course material starting in April. Until then, teachers and comprachicos are forbidden from sharing the material with parents under a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the company that administrates the CSCOPE program. Nowhere does it allow for parents (or students) a role in determining what will be taught.

That displays the false belief some teachers hold that they know better what is best for our kids than their parents do. The best counterpoint to that belief are the statistics that prove that home-schooled children outperform those subjected to the indoctrination in government schools. Obviously, the data proves that parents know better what is best for their kids than the comprachicos do.

More and more, the CSCOPE approved and utilized curricula appear to be indoctrinating our children to despise Texas's and our nation's founding principles. It seems to push for them to prefer ideals more aligned with the propaganda and ideology of the Frankfort School, Marxism and the Zeitgeist movement.

Next, elementary schools will have their students instructed in the proper use of vinegar to remove "chemtrails". "Chemtrails" are the stripes of condensation from an aircraft, called "contrails". Several conspiracy theorists believe that these are actually "Bilderbergers" or the "Illuminati" spraying mind-control chemicals.

Some pro-active state legislator needs to take up the fight for our children. With new legislation proposed to combat grade and student progress inflation and misrepresentation, citizens would think that the state government would act to suspend CSCOPE from Texas Schools until better protections of parental rights can be enacted.

Proposed legislation should push for greater transparency in the schools. All proposed curricula should be made available for review by parents 30 days in advance. If CSCOPE or other controversial material is placed in the curricula, parents should be allowed to opt-out of the instruction with no penalties levied against the students. If a teacher or school uses CSCOPE or other such material for more than 20% of their lessons, parents should be allowed to veto that curriculum and a proper, factual alternative should be offered.