Friday, March 22, 2013

House Resolution To Reinforce 2nd Amend.

Morgan Griffith (R-VA-CD-9) introduced a House Resolution bill that reinforces a freedom implied by the Second Amendment. HR 1290 addresses the right to bear arms across state lines.

Entitled the "Protecting Lawful Transportation of Firearms Act", HR 1290 intends to establish common laws across the states for the transportation of a firearm from one to another. As it currently stands, different states have different laws regarding how a lawful owner may transport firearms. The law would, hopefully, eliminate the necessity to check the laws for each state one travels through, then stop short of that state's border in order to insure compliance.

The law is meant mostly to protect hunters and sportsmen who may conduct interstate travel for hunting or for shooting competitions.

The Second Amendment states that the right to "...bear arms shall not be infringed". This means that a law-abiding citizen's right to carry or transport firearms should not be impeded, restricted, or otherwise hindered. Discrepancies in laws from state to state regarding the regulation of the transportation of privately owned firearms are a systematic infringement of the Second Amendment.

In a press release concerning the legislation, Griffith stated:

“Current federal law or the Second Amendment of the Constitution should neither be misinterpreted nor ignored to prevent law-abiding Americans from legally traveling with firearms across state lines. I am pleased to be reintroducing this bipartisan legislation, and will continue working to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens.”

Regarding the bill, co-sponsor Bill Owens (D-NY-CD-21) stated: 

“Responsible gun owners who follow existing laws and procedures should be able to travel throughout the country free from fear of improper arrest or detention. This legislation ensures hunters and sportsmen who travel with their firearms in full compliance with the law will have the appropriate protections to do so.”

The full text of the bill is not yet available to the public.