Friday, April 12, 2013

Gosnell It Isn't Abortion, It's Murder

Not many are aware of the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his associates. However, this case deserves national attention. Gosnell and his associates are accused of killing far more children than Adam Lanza did in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Gosnell stands accused of running an abortion clinic that performed late-term abortions including those well past the legal maximum age. Some were so far past that maximum development date that the children were born and alive. He killed them outside the womb. These were not so-called "partial birth" abortions. The acts described by witnesses were nothing short of the slaughter of innocents.

One witness even described how one child was born, was laying on a table breathing, and moving. The "doctor" performing the surgery snapped the child's neck. The child still moved and breathed. So the "doctor" decapitated the baby.

Another witness describes how O'Neill and Gosnell would tell her to use terms other than child, infant, or baby in efforts to dehumanize the born-alive children.

Kermit Gosnell ran a clinic. At the clinic, he performed abortions. He employed another doctor, O'Neill, who lost her license. Yet Gosnell kept her working. Kermit was originally being investigated for allegedly giving out fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances (such as Oxycodone). The investigation sparked a raid. During that raid, the authorities discovered  the horrors of  possible "late term abortions" that were allegedly so late in the term that the children were born alive, then decapitated or asphyxiated. many of these procedures (read: murders) were allegedly performed by O'Neill who was practicing medicine without a license. Workers at the clinic included a 22 year old woman that started there at age 15. Some of her testimony, so far, claims she was administering medicine and assisting in late-term abortions since she started working at the clinic. Other claims allege some of the live-born children were bludgeoned to death or even thrown into medical waste bins while still alive.

There are even suspicions of patients dying of overdoses while undergoing these procedures.

As more and more testimony and evidence is presented, the case becomes more and more disgusting and disturbing.

The evidence is still being presented. It is an ongoing trial. These allegations are suspicions. The jury will decide if the claims are true and adequately supported by the evidence.

Some who may defend the actions Gosnell and O'Neill stand accused of may call these actions "late-term abortions".

Let's call them what they were:  infanticide.

Even those who support the Roe v Wade decision that allows for abortions within the first 23 weeks of development have to take pause at the disgusting crimes.

Obama stated, in the past, that he supports late-term and partial birth abortions. These cases of infanticide are common practice by clinics who perform late-term abortions. They do so to cover-up the live births of these children. If born alive, they cannot, legally, be aborted. Why? It's no longer abortion. It's infanticide, the murder of innocent children.

However, there hasn't been a peep out of the administration about these horrible acts. That is probably because Obama is a busy man. He has your constitutional protections of natural rights to undermine, an economy to topple, and property to steal.

The mainstream national media (warning, link contains graphic content including pictures of murdered babies)  has been largely silent as well. One of the reporters who covered Sandra Fluke's outrage that a church wouldn't buy her 11 condoms a day was deemed a story about "federal policy". However, the federal government's stance on infanticide somehow isn't as important as Fluke's right to be promiscuous, and demand taxpayers support her sex addiction. When asked why she wasn't covering the story, Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff replied that infanticide and federal abortion laws are somehow not federal health policy issues.

It matters little what your views on abortion, infanticide, late-term abortions, and partial birth abortions may be. This story does include and affect federal policy. Unlike Kimmy and Khloe Kardashian's current butt-cheek measurements, this deserves discussion and dialogue. It deserves national attention.