Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Politicizing A Tragic Terrorist Attack

News reports concerning the terrorist bombing of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 contain speculation, finger pointing, and other potentially misleading assessments.

What we know is that there were two improvised explosive devices constructed of pressure cookers, ball bearings, ans explosives of some sort.

We know that federal authorities detained a person of interest. That person of interest is a Saudi Arabian national. They executed a warrant on his residence and removed some items that may or may not be evidence. Current reports indicate that he may not have been involved at all, but just another victim.

We know that, at the time of writing this, 3 people were killed and over 150 wounded including 17 critically.

We do not know if there was a group involved.

We cannot logically assume that it was a TEA Party member. the evidence we have at this point doesn't support such an assumption at this time.

We also cannot logically assume that it was a left-wing domestic group such as many members of Anonymous or the so-called "Occupy Movement".

However, given what we do know now, we can make a tentative guess that it may possibly have been somebody affiliated with Al Qaeda or another such group. But we are not sure.

Yet left-wing propaganda spin doctors have alleged it was the work of somebody who opposes increased taxation.

The symbolism doesn't match. Yes, the attack was on "tax day". But it was not on some entity like the IRS. It was an attack on free Americans participating in a sporting event.

The symbolism of the attack taking place on Massachusetts' "Patriots Day" does merit left-wing symbolism. But it also meets criteria for Al Qaeda's symbolism.

However, in all the attempts to discover "who" was responsible, a few politicians have emphatically stated they will aggressively investigate "why" the attack took place.


It can be important to the motive behind the attack, which will assist in any prosecution.

However the question also seeks to "not let a good disaster go to waste" that leftist activists take political advantage of on a regular basis. It's one of Alinsky's tactics, after all. It is also one that blames the victim.

Questioning "why" the attack took place seeks to blame the dead, the injured, and the targets for being victims instead of placing full responsibility and blame upon the armed aggressor.

The runners and spectators were not actively engaged in hostilities against a foreign power. At the moment they were attacked, they were non-combatants. One of the dead was an 8 year old boy. It is highly doubtful that the boy conducted any form of aggressive action against any group.

Yet, Barack Obama and his cronies seek to blame that 8 year old boy for being attacked by a monster.

He blames the gun for the murders Adam Lanza committed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

He blames New York City for being in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Now he blames the victims of a terrorist attack for being attacked.

That is why he wants us to find out "why" the attack occurred. It is so he can blame our culture for inviting the attack. Next he will demand a ban marathons so that marathons can no longer be bombed by a terrorist.

In the aftermath, when people demand to know why intelligence activities didn't prevent the attack, he will blame it on Congress and taxpaying conservatives. He will do so by blaming the "sequester" cuts that he proposed and supported int he bill that legislated them. The very bill he happily signed and executed.

I propose we find out "who". I propose we apply due process and prosecute the monster. If found guilty, I propose we carry out a fair and just punishment and publicly execute the monster on live television.

"Why" won't bring justice. It isn't our culture that needs to change.