Thursday, June 13, 2013

CIA Deputy Dir. Quits, Replacement Named

The information was released late in the afternoon on June 12, 2013.

The Deputy Director of the CIA, Michael Morell, has tendered his resignation. It will be effective on August 9, 2013 in order to give time for an appropriate transition. Press releases stated that the decision was Morell's and that it was not coerced.

His replacement was named almost immediately. That indicates that the resignation was not a surprise to the administration. It may have even been coordinated by them.  Morell had his name squarely on the "blame-line" for several of the talking-point revisions conducted prior to government officials speeches and statements in reaction to the Benghazi terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012.

It almost appears to be a page right out of a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn novel. The problem is that the replacement is not Irene Kennedy (Mitch Rapp's handler in Vince Flynn's novels).

Avril Haines (not rocker Avril Lavigne, who is a Canadian citizen) was named as Morell's replacement. She is a White House lawyer, not an intelligence operator. CIA Director John Brennan is quoted as lauding Haines as knowing "more about covert action than anyone in the U.S. government outside of the CIA”.

It's doubtful that Ms. Haines knows more than Military Intelligence professionals who have done the job for over 15 years. While a large portion of MI work tends to be "overt", there are several "covert" programs (which will not be discussed). Suffice it to say that there are military personnel, active and retired, with far more knowledge, experience, and expertise than Ms. Haines. Brennan's statement sounds as though he was threatened to make it or tender his own resignation.

Haines's "covert" experience most likely consists of helping OFA, MMfA, and Obama keep their violations of the US Constitution, "Secret databases" (per Maxine Waters), college transcripts, and irresponsibility hidden and protected from public scrutiny. However, if we knew about her "covert experience", it wouldn't be "covert".

Like Brennan, Haines is also, reportedly, an opponent of much of the CIA and DoD's clandestine counter-terrorism programs and activities. Since Obama declared the Global War on Terror over, this move is most likely a means to push that narrative. Brennan, with Haines' assistance, has vowed to "rein in" the CIA's overseas counter-terrorism efforts.