Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flynn Succumbs to Cancer -- Rapp's Future Foggy

Author Vice Flynn succumbed to prostate cancer at the young age of 47. Mr. Flynn penned 15 novels featuring covert CIA operative, Mitch Rapp.

The news marks a foggy future for Mitch Rapp fans. It is unknown if anybody can or will attempt to take-up the iconic series. Flynn's portrayal of Rapp is an act that will be nearly impossible.

Flynn first learned of his ailment after he published "Kill Shot", his 13th novel. He assumed it was just some form of bacterial infection. The news and following battle came not long after, when tests discovered the cancer.

Among the fans of Flynn's Rapp novels are rumored to be Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. In addition, retired talk show host and author of the Fair tax books, Neal Boortz, is known to be both a friend and avid fan of the late novelist.

This news echoes words talk show host Dana Loesch stated at the opening of her speech at BlogCon 2013, in Dallas Texas. "Guys, go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. I am sick of burying my friends". Dana's words came just days after finding fellow conservative Chip Gerdes of Quincy, IL died of a sudden heart attack. Chip was a close associate and friend of the late Andrew Breitbart, who also died suddenly in early 2012 of a heart attack. Both were great men who are sorely missed.

Dana's words are wisdom. Vince Flynn may have discovered his cancer earlier, when treatment was more optimistic. Had that happened, his chances of surviving the disease would have been much greater. The same advice is true of other preventable and treatable ailments such as arterial sclerosis, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

My father urged me to read Vince's works for years. After retiring from the military, I found the latitude to start enjoying the Mitch Rapp novels. Coming from an intelligence background, I quickly suspended disbelief and was hooked. They are well worth your time. News of Mr. Flynn's passing is heartbreaking.