Friday, June 7, 2013

Indicators of Rising Tyranny

With the continuing stream of scandals coming out of the current administration of  the federal executive branch, some citizens are starting to put things together. It is no longer a two plus two equation but a startling calculus problem with a growing number of variables and constants.

But here is a simple one even a third grader should be able to figure out.

Natural Rights and infringements on liberty are inversely proportionate. As violations of personal privacy and property rise, respect of natural rights falls. That means that the more infringements on the constitutional rights that protect those natural rights occur the closer our enjoyment of those natural rights approach zero.

As natural rights approach zero, so do civil liberties. As those both approach zero, government power increases towards infinity. When government power exceeds a certain level, you reach a state of tyranny.

So, that begs the question, how much intervention, control, and invasion does it take? Does it need to be absolute? Absolute power is absolute corruption. It is an overload of laws and regulations to the point where those in power are no longer held accountable to their own laws. Yet they can arbitrarily enforce random laws on any who oppose them, or attempt to hold them accountable.

So let's move from abstracts to the real world.

You have Eric Holder and the ATF buying guns from law-abiding gun dealers and selling them to enemies of the state:  drug cartels, sex slavers, and terrorist facilitators. This was called "Operation Fast and Furious".

Next, you have Obamacare passed, granting the IRS some authority over your health care. It is a tax. The IRS is the bureaucracy in charge of administrating (and punishing violations of) tax law.

Then you have Eric Holder and his DoJ breaking the 1st Amendment and looking at private emails and phone calls from reporters, most notably, reporters with The Associated Press. Without blinking, you can also see some amount of violation of the 4th Amendment occurring here as well.

While we have the IRS in the cross-hairs, we find they are granting favoritism to left-wing groups such as labor unions but targeting non-profit organizations that appear to display conservative ideals. They go so far as to ask very intrusive questions of these organizations during their audits. Many of these questions have nothing to do with the work some of these organizations actually perform.

Meanwhile, the IRS agents party it up at several conferences, at taxpayer expense. They even spend an exorbitant amount on parody videos and videos to teach them how to dance. Why did they need to learn to dance? It was somehow necessary for a future conference, at taxpayer expense.

 Yet, this is who the socialists want in charge of administrating your health care. Keep that in mind.

Recently, we found that the administration expanded the scope it employed the Patriot Act. They were from collecting information on US Citizens who had contact with foreign/international terrorist associates. Then they expanded to collecting meta data on all Americans, to include those whose activity is solely domestic. The NSA, which is part of the Department of Defense, was used. Intelligence Oversight laws were potentially violated. Blanket warrants were issues, which violate the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

The latest bit of news regarding this collection, called Operation Prism or the Prism Project, extended beyond just metadata from phone calls. It included text messages and emails of average US citizens. This was done without specific warrants naming specific individuals. In violation of Posse Comitatus, the Department of Defense was used against US Citizens on US Soil.

This is what has happened and is happening.

Now let's look at where this could lead, if not halted. We are a nation of laws. We have a supreme law in this country that limits the government. It is called the US Constitution. It's being ignored.

The PPACA ("Obamacare") is being implemented, bit by bit. The government is requiring medical professionals to ask questions about firearm ownership, political views, and other items that have nothing to do with health care. This information is being databased.

The PPACA also dictates that medical records be maintained digitally, and made available to all health care personnel, to include the CDC and the US Department of Health and Human Services. All of this is despite the HIPPA laws that forbid the sharing of medical information without patient consent.

That means your health records will be available to all federal government agencies. Remember the IRS is in charge of administrating the tax-related information and disbursement of health care funds. In fact, you are required to give your health and medical insurance information to the IRS when filing your taxes.

So, now the IRS will have access to your health records. Think about that. The Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John will have access to your medical records.

These were the guys who leaked confidential tax and financial information to liberal-leaning Political Action Committees. Does anybody doubt that, in the next election, that medical records will be on public display? It is not a stretch to expect, in the 2016 election cycle, some campaign ad about a pro-life conservative having undergone a vasectomy. It will be made a "big deal" despite the fact it will be nobody's business.

Are you scared yet?

Private property, to include intellectual property, is being infringed upon. Natural rights are, daily, being infringed upon. Those liberties we hold most sacred are being trampled. The support of and respect for individual natural and constitutional rights from our federal government are approaching zero. The tyranny quotient is growing. If not abated, it will soon cross the threshold. 

Maybe, just maybe, you should be.