Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Chicago Baby-Daddy-Day Massacre

In Chicago, at least 47 people were injured and 9 killed by gun violence over Fathers' Day weekend. Reports on the number of injured and the number killed vary from 40 to 48 injured, 7 to 10 killed.

This in one of the nation's cities with, perhaps, the strictest (if not in the top five strictest) infringements upon the Second Amendment. It is the only state in the union that does not allow for concealed carry, even on a "may issue" basis. On the heels of the Heller v DC case, Illinois and Chicago had many of their laws struck down as unconstitutional infringements. Chicago had previously banned all handguns, with exception given to the city's militia (police).

The shootings were not contained to just one small neighborhood. However, one of the epicenters was reportedly the Humboldt Park neighborhood. Once upon a time, that neighborhood was a tight-knit community where violence was rare. My father grew up there. Now it is one of the neighborhoods plagued with gang violence.

Even with its drastic anti-gun laws, the city is plagued with gun violence. This just further proves that anti-gun laws leave common citizens defenseless against criminals. Criminals have no respect for laws, life, or individual rights. They intend to break the law. So, laws making guns illegal just assist them. They leave the law-abiding defenseless. The criminals will still have guns.

Last year, "baby-daddy day" saw a shooting spree that left 53 injured and 9 dead. The outbreaks seem to coincide with days set aside for more placid purposes. Over Memorial Day weekend, Chicago saw another rash of shootings.The only explanation seems that Chicagoan criminals lack even a small amount of respect from their parents or for those who gave their lives fighting to preserve the freedoms they enjoy. Then again, criminals don't want people to be free. Their prey is easier if restricted by tyranny.

One of those killed was a 16 year old boy. The family was planning to move for several reasons. One of the more motivating factors is the increasing violence around the local schools. The gang violence has even permeated the elementary schools. Many students become truant from the schools because parents fear for their kids' safety. Perhaps if teachers were allowed to carry concealed in the classrooms, the juvenile gang-bangers would be less bold. It is a solution so often dismissed without any logical consideration.

Last year, Chicago was among the cities with the highest incidence of gun-related injuries and homicide. This despite its draconian unconstitutional infringements upon the Second Amendment and the natural right to defend life, liberty, and property.

Along with the explosion of violent crime in Australia since they enacted their national gun-ban and confiscation, Chicago stands out as one of the largest data-points against disarming the public. It is an indisputable fact that disarming law-abiding citizens just creates a more permissive environment for criminals to prey upon the people.