Sunday, July 14, 2013

Foundational Truth About Zimmerman Verdict

The verdict is in. After 16 hours of deliberations, George Zimmerman has been acquitted and found "not guilty" of all charges.

It's a tragic verdict, but the right one.

That is the truth.

The only witnesses to what actually transpired were Zimmerman and Martin. Zimmerman did not take the stand, as is his constitutional right. Martin was dead.

The state's evidence included the coroners' reports. The medical evidence showed Martin had been hitting something with his fists. The entry wound from the gunshot was from the front, not the back. The single, fatal shot was fired at an upward angle consistent with the shooter being on the ground. The determined distance was inches. It was not an aimed shot, but a reactionary one.

The prosecution's witnesses did not demonstrate any malice on Zimmerman's part. Martin's girlfriend, who was on the phone just prior to the altercation, gave testimony that was littered with anti-caucasian racism. "Creepy-ass cracker". If anything, she self-incriminated criminal solicitation in urging Martin to assault Zimmerman.

All in all, there was no evidence that proved, beyond reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman shot Martin in anything but self-defense. Many people forget that guilt must be proved beyond all reasonable doubt.

What we have are two tragic victims who were used as pawns for political games.

Martin had ascribed  to the thug culture. He used illegal drugs. He was a 17 year old kid. Now he is dead and will never have a chance to mature to his full potential. He made a fatal mistake. It is tragic.

Zimmerman was doing what he felt to be the right thing. He was attempting to deter crime in his neighborhood. The police dispatcher gave him contradictory instructions. They recommended he not leave his car or follow Martin. Then they demanded he get them more information. In the rain and darkness, getting that information required Zimmerman to exit the vehicle.

Zimmerman may have been overzealous in his neighborhood watch duties. He did what he was supposed to in reporting the suspicious activity to the police. Perhaps he should have stayed in his car and told the police that he could not, safely, get the information they demanded.

In making his choice to get that information, he provoked Martin's marijuana-induced paranoia. The altercation ensued.

Nobody knows who threw the first punch. We do know that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, beat him with his fists, and banged Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk. The medical evidence supports those facts. 

Zimmerman will have to live the rest of his life with the guilt of having taken a life. It is no easy burden for any man of conscience.

Martin was portrayed as the 12 year old depicted in the pictures circulated by the media. He was used as an anti-gun poster-boy. That, perhaps, is a sin in itself. His death was used by hate-mongers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to increase racial divides in our country. The facts of the case were obfuscated, obscured, or perverted toward that end.

Zimmernman was persecuted for 16 months, labelled as a "child killer" and a "murderer" despite no conclusive evidence being offered to support the claim. He was persecuted despite the fact he had not yet stood trial. Now, like Rodney King, his name will be uttered for political purposes. The man will likely not have a moment's peace for years.
Two lives have been ruined by this unfortunate event and the subsequent politicizing.

It is a rather damning commentary on media spins, bias, and cultural divides. Martin Luther King, jr. would be appalled by the handling of the entire fiasco.

Seeing how one man was forced to take a regrettable action in order to defend himself, then be persecuted by the media and by hate-mongers for it will make private citizens fear defending themselves. Many people will risk becoming victims instead of using their constitutionally protected natural right of self-defense. 

It is tragic.