Friday, July 26, 2013

Story Should Have National Attention, Doesn't

There is a tragic story that should be national news but isn't. There are several, in fact, that are somehow ignored by mainstream media outlets such as nationally syndicated newspapers, broadcast television news outlets, and other "credible" news outlets.

Near Austin Texas, a girl was gang raped for hours. She was later dumped on the street, needing medical attention, and left to fend for herself.

The story is almost as horrific as that of Elisabeth Smart, who was abducted and used as a sex slave. It is almost as horrific as the tale of the three young women in Ohio who were, allegedly, abducted by accused kidnapper, pervert, and sex slaver Ariel Castro.

Of note, Ariel Castro plead guilty, entering a deal to avoid the death penalty. His sentence is reported to be life in prison, without parole, plus 1,000 years. 

These received international attention, with the stories being syndicated to news outlets in Europe and Canada.

Yet, as Glen Beck points out, this story isn't getting anywhere near the attention. Like Mr. Beck or not, when he is correct, he is right.

According to Associated Press reporting, 10 illegal immigrants abducted and gang raped a 13 year-old girl in Austin, TX. The girl was an alleged runaway. She was in a group foster home. The girl was already an "at-risk" youth due to whatever circumstances led to her residency in a foster home. Whatever transpired to urge her to run away must have been circumstances aggravating her already disadvantageous situation. Then she is abducted and gang-raped by 10 adult male illegal immigrants.

Why Isn't This News?

Does anybody recall the assassination of Robert Krentz? Residents of Cochise County, Arizona, remember the tale. It is a bit of a horror story and real-life fable. There are a few morals to that story. The first one is that giving aid to criminals and terrorists will earn you nothing less than undue pain. The second is that no law enforcement agency is capable of defending your land, livelihood, family or life for you. The third is that monsters really do exist and only proportionate force can repel them.

How about Adria Sauceda? She was another Texas girl who was abducted, raped, and eventually murdered. Her murderer, Humberto Leal, was an illegal immigrant. The Obama Administration intervened, attempting to stay his execution in 2011, 15 years after he stalked, raped, and murdered Adria. Obama wanted the stay because of "pending legislation" that he thought would have bearing on the case. The problem is that Obama and Holder believe that ex post facto laws are constitutional. Leal had already been tried, convicted, and gone through his appeal process. The US Supreme Court denied the stay of execution and upheld the death sentence.

These and other cases are not getting the national attention they deserve because they oppose the political agendas of Obama's supporters in the mainstream press. The above mentioned incidents highlight the need for immigration reform and better security of our borders.

The case of Robert Krentz supports one of the main purposes for the Second Amendment. The biased, liberal media wants to repeal the Second Amendment. They avoid any real news story that contradicts their political agenda.

In contrast, the trial of George Zimmerman sparked attacks against Second Amendment supporting laws such as Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. Neither the case nor the defense included the  "Stand Your Ground" clause. Zimmerman was pinned under Martin's body. There was no available avenue to retreat. Yet, the media propagates against a law that had nothing to do with the case or the actual story. The media even edited Zimmerman's 9-1-1 call to make him appear racist in order to inflame racial tensions among the citizens. Doing so supports their false narratives and pushes their agenda.

The other cases highlight the criminal mindset of many illegal immigrants. They have no respect for our nation's laws. First, they break our laws by intentionally entering our country illegally. During their trek, they criminally trespass on privately owned land. While doing so, they vandalize it. They steal. They assault the landowners. Then they seek paperwork and documentation that will make them appear legitimate. They steal identification and use forged and fraudulent documentation. They steal people's hard-earned money. They many register to vote, illegally. They apply for, and receive, housing and sustenance subsidies, stealing from US taxpayers and defrauding our state and federal governments.

These stories propose real and clear reasons to oppose amnesty legislation as part of immigration reform or border security reform. The media supports amnesty. They support open borders. They support drug cartels and sex slavers. They oppose national security and national defense for the ordinary individual US citizen. 

How far will they go? 

Many are content to have "what is necessary" to survive and build a fraudulent life here in the states. However, a significant number don't stop at those crimes.

They help smuggle drugs and firearms for the cartels.

They help traffic indentured workers, to include sex slaves into the US.

They help traffic children and young women out of the US to be used as sex slaves.

They abduct and enslave children and teenagers to serve as sex slaves.

They extort. They rape. They murder. They join organized crime organizations sometimes referred to as "street gangs", and conspire with others to more of the above.

They enable people like Ariel Castro in Ohio. These activities are not restricted to the border areas. Those living in the border states are just less deluded and more aware of these types of activities. So they tend to recognize them better. 

That is why these news stories are so important on the national level. Don't let the media dictate what facts and stories are important. Be among the awakened and look at the world around you. Collect the facts. make up your mind. Share those facts and the insights. Speak up.