Thursday, August 22, 2013

Selling Obamacare To Illegals?

Self-described "blue dog Democrat" Rep. Henry Cuellar is promoting the "Border Health Conference" on Friday Aug. 23. Here is a copy of the invitation:

Dear Friends,

I would like to remind you that the 8th Annual Border Health Conference will be held this Friday, August 23rd in Laredo, TX.  Though in its eighth year, this is the first time the Border Health Conference will be held in Texas and on the border.   This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities to providing quality healthcare across the border region.

What:          8th Annual Border Health Conference
Where:        La Posada Hotel
                     1000 Zaragoza St 
                     Laredo, TX 78040
When:         Friday, August 23, 2013
Who:           Doctors, healthcare professionals, interested and concerned  citizens
To RSVP:    Please email Mary Hinojosa at or call 202-225-1640

We will be joined by representatives from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Mexican Department of Health, US-Mexico Border Health Commission, City of Laredo Health Department, US Customs and Border Protection, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Enroll America, Texas Medical Association, and others on panels that include:
  • 11am - SGR (Adequate Provider Reimbursement) and Fraud, Myths, and Reality
  • 12:30pm - Graduate Medical Education: The Importance of Recruiting,Training, and Retaining Physicians Along the Border
  • 1:45pm - Public Health Collaboration between the US and Mexico 
  • 3pm - Immigration, Border Security and the Impact on Health Care
  • 4:15pm - Affordable Care Act - Implementation & Impact on Healthcare  
I look forward to seeing you on this Friday in Laredo! 


Congressman Henry Cuellar
Normally, the conference takes place in Washington, DC. They decided to move it to Laredo, TX this year. Cuellar and Vela seek to have next year's conference in Texas again. Perhaps they should look at holding the conference closer to Douglas, Arizona next year. Naco, AZ could use the economic shot in the arm. Or they could hold the conference in the area of Cochise County, AZ that was burned by human traffickers along the border.

That agenda stirs up many probing questions. Anybody able to attend should pop-in and ask the "experts" the "hard questions" and see if they will give honest answers.

Let's ask about recruiting physicians. Many are retiring early or closing their doors because of the PPACA. With doctors leaving practice, medical school costs increasing, expected decreased salaries, higher student loans to repay, what possible incentives are there to counteract the damage the ACA is causing? How can they expect to recruit satisfactory (or better) physicians?

One probing question concerns illegal immigrants' eligibility for "Obamacare". The program already costs Americans too much. It has driven up insurance costs. It has reduced work hours. It has placed undo burdens upon employers. It will cost Delta Airlines, alone, $100 Million. Now take that figure and compute it into airfares.

So, why should a law-abiding, hard-working, US Citizen be forced to pay the healthcare costs of a foreign criminal?

Since they want to talk border security, it is time to ask what any of them plan to do about securing the borders, mitigating the illicit drug trade, and stopping sex-slave trafficking.

What do those have to do with healthcare? Drug overdoses will cost taxpayers under the PPACA. Other diseases such as HIV that are transmitted through illicit drug use will cost taxpayers through the PPACA. The drug smugglers also communicate diseases that may infect US Citizens or our food supply (farms and ranches along the borders and ratlines).

Many sex-slaves are drugged or forced into addiction. That brings along the same health issues as the trug trade. In addition, the slaves can communicate other diseases, including sexually transmitted ones. Many lack immunization and may fall victim to diseases US Citizens are resistant to. All of this will impact tax-payers' wallets under the ACA.

Then there are the other illegals. They bring diseases. They also steal identities and conduct fraud. That will impact the health and welfare of both US Citizens and legitimate legal resident aliens as well as immigrant workers on visas.

That is all in addition to the numerous other problems with the PPACA. Perhaps the most important question to ask is "when will this immoral tax bill be repealed and its provisions defunded?"

As Senator Ted Cruz would say... #DontBlink

Meanwhile, let's listen to a couple of Obamacare advocates in their own words as they promote this conference: