Friday, August 16, 2013

We The Parents - Take Back Our Kids

We, the parents, need to take back control of our kids' lives. We need to reassert our position as the primary educators and role-models for our kids. We need to take the initiative and remind our governments:  state, local and federal; that our children are our responsibility, not theirs.

A simple, routine internet search will reveal a flood of stories revolving around all sorts of corruption and other unethical and immoral happenings concerning the government education system and our kids. In Texas, Cedar Hills Independent School District is falling apart. They have been caught in an epidemic of cover-ups and sexual predation. Lou Ann Anderson covered the events so far.

CPS agencies across the country are failing as well. So it isn't just government education but any government bureau, department, agency, or entity that alleges concern for kids.

In Georgia, an entire school district came under fire for altering tests in order to falsely elevate students' scores. Why? In order to get a larger paycheck and larger state and federal bonuses for "improving". The courts and the government have stepped in to handle the scandal. The parents should be the ones taking over, though. It affects their children. The reforms and new policies should be their choice.

In several states, there are efforts to establish a standardized, national curriculum overseen by a federal entity. It is called the "Common Core State Standards Initiative" or CCSSI, also known as "Common Core". Are parents being consulted? Are they given a direct say in what subjects their kids are being taught? Most likely they are not. The narcissist "education czars" employ academic arrogance claiming that they know what is best for our kids and that parents have no rights to say otherwise.

Common Core is illegal in Texas. A program called CSCOPE was designed to sneak the controversial curricula into the state. With several unethical, immoral, and anti-American classes coming to light, the program quickly came under fire. Parents rallied around politicians such as state senator Dan Patrick to put a stop to it. Unfortunately, even with the laws passed, CSCOPE has not been eliminated.

The Obama Administration is in the mix as well. He wants to establish a national standard starting at the preschool ("pre-K") level. His "Gilligan", Julian Castro of San Antonio, piloted the program at the local level. Castro raised taxes for the whole city in order to increase the PRE-K-SA government indoctrination program in one district within the city. Because the other independent school districts reach into the suburbs, the increased taxes cannot benefit those districts. Still, all of the citizens of the city must pay more to support schools their kids cannot attend. It's socialism. It is unethical.

Obama cannot, legally, increase taxes by executive decree. He can, however, restructure policies how already budgeted funds are allocated, bypassing US Congress in a way that may be unconstitutional. Until a court order stops it, however, he'll do it. He's reallocating funds to "Headstart" Pre-K programs that conform to a federal standardized curriculum. 

Then there is the "Student Success Act of 2013", another infringement upon the 10th Amendment and tyrannical government intrusion into individual and parental responsibility.

But We The Parents can raise our voices and affect change. We can stop programs such as this. It requires effort. It requires attention. It can be done. Llano, TX enjoys some notoriety for wine. However, the Llano Independent School District put itself on the map as parents filed a suit against the ISD over CSCOPE. The courts have issue a Temporary Restraining Order that forbids the district from using any portion of the indoctrination system. This is an example that We The Parents need to follow. It is time to get involved in your children's lives and take charge of their education. Your local school board should be publishing the dates, times, and locations of their meetings. If they are not open, demand they be public. Show up. Any board member who works against what you know to be the best interests of you and your child needs to be recalled and voted into a job flipping burgers.

The banners of "Stop Common Core" and "Stop CSCOPE". This goes beyond "school choice". "We The Parents" needs to be the umbrella banner for all of these movements. It needs to be seen in every school board and board of education meeting until the "public servants" feel the full weight of their employers:  We The Parents.