Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shutdown, Lockout, Stubbornness, Hypocrisy

The so-called "shutdown" started when the last continuing resolution (CR) from the FY09 budget, passed when Bush-43 was still President in 2008, expired on October 1. 2013.

The House of Representatives had passed two new CRs. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats amended those CRs with items such as Obamacare exemptions for Congressmen and their staff members. During the August recess, many representatives attended town hall meetings with their constituents. The message was clear, the majority of their constituents wanted Obamacare gone. Some wanted it replaced with something more pragmatic. Others wanted it repealed and not replaced. A scant majority wanted it at least delayed with funding cut until a better solution could be presented to the people. The majority of the representatives in the House listened and passed two CRs that did what the people wanted.

After the misnamed "shutdown" started, the House passed a third CR. Since, the have passed 8 individual funding bills, 7 of which the Senate Majority "leader" (more like "president's boot-licker") refused to even allow a floor vote. 

Now, during the second half of FY13, the House passed four budgets for FY14. The Senate did not pass any. In fact, they had failed to pass any budget since 2008. Harry Reid wants a "pay as you go" system without a budget. Anybody with the slightest amount of common sense knows that to be one of the most financially irresponsible ideas in the known universe.

Obama, Reid, the Senate Democrats, and the more socialist-minded haters of the US Constitution in the House of Representatives, such as Rep. Cuellar from San Antonio, TX, want the US economy to fall. They want private industry to be kept under the thumb of the US Government if not wholly controlled by it. They hate private business and private property. Rep. Cuellar demonstrated that with his sponsorship of a bill that takes private property and places it under federal control as part of an expanded national park area known as the San Antonio Missions National Park.

One key portion of their political machinations is the government takeover of the healthcare and insurance industries. They have people confused about the difference between them by propagating that "healthcare is a right" and making it sound as though a lack of health insurance is the same as being denied healthcare. That is not the case. Under a long-standing law, an injured or sick person can get medical care at any emergency room. If they cannot pay for the services, they will still get the minimum amount of medical care needed to save their life.

In any case, Obamacare was set up to allow the government to run your life, depriving you of one of the three most inalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence. Oligarchs want those three rights taken away. It is what tyrants do. The best way to take them away is to enter the confidence scams of defrauding you into willfully giving them up. That is what Obamacare was meant to do. Unfortunately, the majority of our Citizens are seeing that now and told their representatives as such. The Democrats don't like this. So, they won't pass any budget, continuing resolution, or other spending bill unless they get what they want.

That is correct. This is not about what the American People want. It is not about what the American People know to be best for them. It is about what Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Henry Cuellar, the Senate Socialist Oligarchs (Misnamed the "Democratic" Party), and Barack Obama want -- power over you. They want the power to tell you what is best for you. They do not want to listen to you. They believe you are beneath them.

So, they threw a temper-tantrum. They remain stubborn, still throwing that tantrum.

Evidence of the temper tantrum is all around. Obama and Reid have both said that they refuse to negotiate. One of them even uttered "We won't negotiate until after you give us what we want, a blank check, and you surrender everything the people want to us. After you've done that, we'll negotiate what we may or may not give back to you".

It isn't there's to give. That is the problem. They want you to think it is. But it isn't.

Further evidence is still pouring in. The US Border Patrol has been told they are working without wages. This is a fallacy, though. Once the stalemate ends, they will get their pay. Their next paycheck isn't due until November 1st. (Any pay on the 15th is actually, legally, an advance of their end of month pay). If the stalemate ends before then, all it will may mean is a delay of a day or two while the accountants play catch-up.

When the so-called "shutdown", which is really an executive-branch ordered lockout of the US Citizens, Obama ordered the national parks closed. They kicked people out of their homes because these private residences are within the boundaries of national forest areas. He ordered the National Park Police be given increased funding in order to keep people out of the parks and away from OUR monuments. This didn't deter WWII veterans. It also didn't deter Vietnam War veterans. However, many of the Vietnam veterans who went to visit their war memorial were arrested.

In contrast, a few unions got together with the racial terrorist group, La Raza, and decided to hold a demonstration calling for amnesty for invading international criminals (illegal immigrants). US Citizens, including military veterans who gave blood, sweat, limbs, eyesight, and more to protect this great nation, were locked out of the national monuments. However, criminals are granted access in order to petition for pardons and amnesty for their crimes.

Meanwhile, in another swipe of the political sword, Obama has announced he is going to cut-off death benefits to spouses and children of military personnel killed while on duty.

And he announced he is going to suspend disability pay to disabled veterans.

And he has telegraphed a potential suspension of military pensions.

This is ALL Obama's decision, per the US Constitution.

Speaking of that sacred supreme law of the land, Obama is allegedly an expert on the 14th Amendment. He may want to re-read section 4 of that amendment. It states that military pensions must be paid.

Maybe that is the point he is trying to make. He is attempting to falsely manufacture some "crisis" where the US isn't paying its debts. He has also hinted at suspending social(ist) security payments. Those are repayments of a debt owed by the US Government. People paid into that fund, from their own earnings. That money is theirs (ours). Because they put it into the general fund, it became a loan, from the people to the government. So it is part of the federal debt, legally.

This is all set up for another debt ceiling debate. We discussed that before.

Obama has a 3 year old Buick Skylark. He just figured out he cannot pay for it. So he wants a loan for more than the BMW is worth. He wants one large enough to afford a brand new Audi A8. He wants that loan over a longer period of time so he can afford the payments. the trouble is, he isn't the one stuck with the bill. His yet unborn grand-kids are. So he stomps his feet and throws a temper tantrum.

And they point the finger at the Republicans. Those same republicans who did their jobs and passed budgets. Those same republicans who did their jobs and voted for what they constituents demanded. He talks about fairness and paying debts, yet refuses to accept the budgets that do so.

It isn't about fairness. It is about him getting his way and everybody else suffering. If he doesn't get his way, he wants us to suffer more.

He called the TEA Party activists and conservative caucus "terrorists", yet he is the one holding our land, our businesses, our money, our lives, and our liberties hostage. While he's doing so, he's doing all he can to torture us, to "make it hurt" so we "feel the pain" of what happens when the man-children and prissy-girls don't get their way.